SEO between good and evil

SEO black hat white hat gray hat is always the topic of endless discussion. Take Suzhou SEO is also the same, the public said that the public justified, the woman said the reason. Search engine to protect the quality of their search results, Suzhou SEO is also in order to mix mouth eat.

I think SEO is black hat techniques or white, should not see the search engine how to judge, but to see whether or not worthy of their own conscience? If you have touched the moral bottom line? Some things and SEO, the search engine ranking not what relationship, but is a wicked thing, that is the black hat is not do. Of course, some search engines do not want you to do, but did not sorry who, when necessary, there is nothing to hesitate, despite doing. read more

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The mode and strategy of network operation in the new era

in this new era of rapid development of the network, with the increasing awareness of Chinese citizens’ network consumption, but also bring us countless business opportunities. I believe that any one person has the dream of making big money on the network, they also want a lot of ways and means, even on the Baidu search for information and business opportunities to make money online. After countless times you practice and exploration, do you happy dream, trauma with failure finally you choose to retire tennis, do an honest part of the consumer groups. I believe you still think about why I will fail?. Here you look at my analysis is justified. How to make money online? How to do a good job of network marketing? What are the best ways to make money online?. I also like you after numerous failures, there have been downhearted mood. I remember a famous saying that "failure is the mother of success", I choose the road of perseverance, although today I have a little, but not success. In the future, I will take the dream in this network war in the end. Now I will share some of their valuable experience to share with you in the hope that some of the views are not good, please enlighten. read more

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Domain name registration spawned a new group of gold rental domain name money

GOOGLE million dollars to buy CN domain name 8844 domain name on the Internet to $880 thousand

"corn worm" followed by a hot current affairs, find a good domain name registration and then sell profit

a few minutes a registered domain name"

in an online forum, a "corn bug", currently do not allow the registration of domain name and URL in the name of a person, so to act through special website. As for the costs and benefits, the industry said, corn worm investment is to pay the annual service fee (referred to as the year)

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Brand enterprises by e-commerce third party service providers as catalyst

at the beginning of 2009, Japan UNIQLO casual clothing brand with 3 men opened a shop at the mall Taobao, to October of that year, based on the monthly sales exceeded 10 million yuan, becoming the first to enter the Taobao mall sales of 10 million yuan level clothing store. This result allows Shanghai Tesier universe Business Consulting Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tesier") vice president and chief operating officer Wang Xiaohua surprised.

Tesier is UNIQLO’s customer service outsourcing service provider, Taobao mall Taobao took UNIQLO Wangwang, call center, e-mail, customer relationship management and other functions, there are currently more than and 50 person team of UNIQLO service. It’s a big success, the firm Tesier inroads into the electronic commerce service commitment, before this company has never been involved in this field. read more

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November 2007 09 domain name deletion list


proxy domain name registration renewal of 60 years /, 150m million net 620 special offer 120 space agency.
  CN domain name 1 yuan registration, the opportunity not to be missed, more content: / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

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Asia’s top domain name.Asia officially launched

      DotAsia China yesterday in Beijing to four top-level domain registrar, announced the launch of a unified Asian top-level domain.Asia, several companies said, will work in the next few years to.Asia for the promotion of generic domain name.

      to establish a strategic partnership with DotAsia China’s top four domain’s China million net, net, 35 new Internet era of the Internet and the four companies, the future will be responsible for China institutions or enterprises to.Asia top-level domain name registration application. read more

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Mark update on YAHOO data

webmaster friends:

you are good, because the Spring Festival holiday YAHOO background data update delay, leading to Mark can not update YAHOO data, the data will be updated recently.

please forgive me!

Consulting: customer service Tel: (86-10) 58678687-806

QQ:870317522 (Anne)

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address:

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic! read more

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Ding Chunmei website alliance is still profitable in the short term advertising



website alliance is not optimistic about the whole industry because of the lack of standardized, the best way is to build a coalition of self regulatory organization, data transparency, profit rate the amount of certain norms, so as to make the industry more healthy development.

e-commerce, sales will become one of the main direction of the development of the site alliance, but it will not become the only prospect of the website alliance, as TV shopping can not completely replace TV advertising. Alliance advertising is not only to promote sales, but also bear more and more brand building and transmission of the concept, so a short time, the alliance is still the dominant advertising industry. read more

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Capital blitz two dimension, uniforms, skirts, maid occupied the earth

two is no longer a non mainstream culture, and become the mainstream culture of the network, has become the object of capital chasing. 2014, the core of the two dimensional user size of up to 49 million 840 thousand people, while the pan size of the two dimension of up to 100 million users. In the future, the steady growth of the core element of the user will be two, 2016 is expected to scale up to 70 million 80 thousand people, with the animation IP operation is significant, animated film constantly, is expected in 2016 two yuan pan users reached 200 million. read more

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