2013 Taobao TOP10 shop ranking exposure all from Tmall


] April 9th news billion state power network, electricity supplier veteran exposed in 2013 Taobao and Tmall platform store sales ranking TOP10, ranked according to the data provided through the information. TOP10 shops are all Tmall flagship store, and all women’s shops.

sales in 2013 ranked ten in the top of the store is based on sales from March 2013 to March 2013 were arranged. Which ranks first among the shops are Starry Tmall flagship store, store annual sales reached 638 million 200 thousand; followed by Yan man flagship store sales of more than 600 million. However, according to the picture, the information on the sales of the flagship store seems to have a problem. read more

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Crayfish.Cn pushed up to three thousand yuan, to earn a cybersquatting

Huangmei daily economic news

when the power of the crawfish season, Shanghai puqiang domain name speculators last week to spend 50 yuan registered a "crayfish.Cn" domain name, the domain name to this week’s price has soared to 3000 yuan. However, puqiang does not intend to so fast shot, he hopes to be the domain name business into a "crayfish map" website, in order to obtain greater return on investment. The "daily economic news" was informed that currently active in Shanghai with 50-60 as puqiang such investment, they through the "domain name registration company, expand investment in the.Cn domain name.

According to the

the first domain name website Baidu, Google and a profit read more

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Tmall double 11 new tricks by interactive games with the customers into the store


] Tmall billion state power network annual double 11, almost all businesses acting competition, crowding out the act of foot, exhaust all the skills, only to be pulled into the store "stroll".

and similar to previous years, in addition to the half off low drainage strategy, Tmall also plans to use the new tricks of interactive games, to attract customers attention double 11 day, so as to enhance the platform to enhance the stickiness, shop transaction.

may be affected by WeChat’s "hit the plane" "red envelopes", Tmall intends to the activities of the entertainment factor to climax. Billion state power network noted that Tmall has started to store interactive "deployment, centralized recruiting PC and mobile terminal based on (Tmall wireless) third party application of two stores (or plug) service providers. read more

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Home food will feature the takeaway business giants

O2O in the current fierce competition in the field, facing the BAT giants of the competition, how to break through and counter attack, is all entrepreneurial companies in this industry need to face the problem and thinking path.

takeaway field, the main community home users will be able to survive under the story of the giants of food, perhaps to give some inspiration.

original published in the financial world magazine, which is edited version.

original Zhu Xiaopei

home gourmet CEO Sun Hao read more

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4 letter domain name G series CN domain name

1, Ge series

gevb.cn gevq.cn gevw.cn gevt.cn gevz.cn gevf.cn gevx.cn

2, GV series

gvog.cn gvug.cn gvuk.cn gvus.cn gvuq.cn gvuw.cn gvuy.cn gvup.cn gvuj.cn gvuh.cn gvue.cn

total of 18

4 short combination of domain names, multiple meanings, easy to promote.


domain of ge=[] Georgia, Georgia Georgia "of" Ge, gv=gigavolt one billion volt ground visibility surface visibility, ug=[domain Uganda, Uganda, iu=international unit Interference Unit international jammers; I Series 4 letter short domain combination, regular and bold, with great value. Every 100 yuan, the best domain name price of $300, telephone number 13609485667. read more

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Do not know how to make your site webmaster technology to make money

Through the

website advertising to make money, for a time, a popular Internet Wangzhuan, and many webmaster friends now have bothered to earn RMB, look to foreign advertising, but people earn $$, ah, this money is faster. Do you want to take part in this hot money website ranks to do, of course, the skilled webmaster is not what difficult, but for those who do not understand technology, and want to make money in the Internet for people to do?

In fact, these are not difficult

, the core technology does not understand, the magic of the Internet is self-evident, you can find anything you want, novice webmaster can do so. read more

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Jingdong and the way home network were listed on the financing and short rent thinking

February 16, 2013, the Internet is filled with three pieces of information: the Qihoo 360 to buy the entire log treasure team; the way home network to complete the B round of financing two rounds of financing amounted to 400 million yuan; Jingdong mall confirmation has completed a new round of financing of approximately $700 million. Zhou Hongyi shot, Luo Jun shot, Liu Qiangdong shot, the acquisition and financing coexist one day. This is indicative of an investment boom in 2013 is coming, how the Jingdong financing and listing, the way home network from May last year, financing, through more than half the time of re financing, to set off on holiday apartments. read more

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Shop network analysis of the future development of China’s e-commerce three new models

e-commerce is like a raging fire in advance, from the continuous expansion of the scale, even with extensive operating experience shopping platform is also committed to improve the user experience, through price, service to enhance the number of active users, increase credibility. Shop agent www.cnshop8.com.cn believes that traditional manufacturing companies have to test the water to seize the share of the layout to solve the long-term business development bottleneck. After 11 years of development, China’s e-commerce will face the challenges and opportunities of the three. read more

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Hangzhou how to create the capital of Chinese e-commerce

September 5th, the reporter learned from the Hangzhou municipal government, Hangzhou has launched the "Gazelle" plan, with 560 million yuan of financial funds to support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. The next three years, each year will support at least 50 large enterprises to build e-commerce platform, while providing financial assistance to the capital of the 10000 small and medium enterprises for e-commerce applications.

Hangzhou mayor

Cai Qi said publicly that, according to the newly issued "Hangzhou to create" China e-commerce are "three year action plan" (Draft), will focus on cultivating 10 e-commerce enterprises, 5 listed companies in electronic commerce, and 5 revenue of over billion e-commerce service enterprises. By 2010, Hangzhou will become the national electronic commerce website center, national network operators gathering center, has become a well-known international and domestic leading "Chinese e-commerce are". read more

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On Taobao credit system

the latest electronic business circles biggest thing is the Taobao credit system, since Taobao announced the integrity of self-examination, against the Taobao store on Taobao credit system as one falls, another rises, is also a dial-up wave, including the famous IT commentator kseoK in Baidu Innovation Conference total e-commerce forum speech today and published an article on Taobao K the integrity of the article so that I seriously think about Taobao credit problems, said the following about Sisyphus – Su Wu shepherd some advice. read more

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Yiqifa 100 bus online notification!

bus (www.80ebus.com) is Ningbo Bailian superior investment limited company’s shopping site,   since the beginning of the formal operation in 2005, in a short span of two years, the rapid development of Bailian bus has more than 1 thousand and 500 suppliers, 130 thousand registered users, the country’s largest online supermarket with commodity items.

本次与亿起发联盟以CPS的方式合作,并且为各位站长带来了丰厚的佣金,具体情况请查阅http://s.eqifa.com/website/home/businesshall/ec_action_info.aspx?action_id=998 read more

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Mother and child O2O which form is more hopeful

said China’s vertical electricity supplier, it is really a wonderful work. In addition to jumei.com and vip.com developed fairly good, the other is the basic of a sight. Whether it is clothing or shoes, where the class of Lok, or mother red child, that was how a scenery, but now also has faded aura colors. In the big Taobao, big Tmall electricity supplier environment, is the Chinese Internet vertical electricity supplier is really no hope of it?

The rapid development of

mobile Internet, finally let vertical electricity providers have found a new hope, especially the rise of O2O, is to let the vertical electric providers are highly valued. For the mother and child rely solely on the online electricity supplier is far from meeting the needs of mothers and babies in the industry, O2O renewed its vitality. Under the impetus of the capital, such as maternal O2O like bamboo shoots after a spring rain coming in, they have emerged from various fields, to take advantage of this mobile Internet spring the rapid growth of healthy trees. But under the tide, which mode of maternal and child platform will eventually come to the tip of it? read more

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The network capacity of the world summit in Shanghai to grab votes in hot 2010

November 9th, the network capacity of the world summit in Shanghai (2010 http://s.h.ecpxw.com/) hot billing. Shanghai will be held in Putuo in December 18th 2010 of the network capacity of the world summit in Shanghai, by the media as "the last year thousands of chamber of Commerce network".

It is reported that

, the network capacity of the world 2010 summit in Shanghai, the key word is "tolerance" — B2B, B2C, C2C and S2X (service provider) "four network compatibility". The organizers are grassroots nonprofit organizations in Shanghai network alliance. Then, from around the country about 1000 e-commerce practitioners will be sharing e-commerce combat grasp the trend of dry cargo. At the same time, the grassroots network in the prestigious A5 stationmaster net, iResearch, micro-blog, Sina, network world magazine EC training network and other media in the field to "capture" case and the theme, participants the opportunity to greatly increase communication. read more

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Visual search storm will set off a new round of fashion shopping

according to the relevant agency data shows, last year, the domestic online search market scale reached 7 billion 150 million yuan; more surprisingly, the first half of this year, the market scale reached 4 billion 660 million yuan, that is to say, the domestic search market growth rate is rapid growth, the most natural action is the Alibaba. Has cooperated with Microsoft, Sogou, also launched its own search engine "Amoy baby".

recently, see a search engine is the same for reports, interestingly, the search is not for text search, but the search by image, is a visual search technology based on image, and the upcoming picture storm, is repeated investment by the Alibaba group through image search to war similar goods caused information platform. read more

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Why the seller also quite Jingdong POP platform

yesterday Jingdong open platform Taurus awards, the results did not find a dress big sellers, as far as I know apparel accounted for half of the trading volume of the Jingdong open platform, there are a lot of billions of dollars to the seller. I do not say we all know, stand, to, did not dare to go

!So learning

coming back from the United States, Liu Qiangdong opening remarks and asked: we had the right? The answer is not good, Ali alone big, traffic users soaring prices, advertising rose income did not rise without profit, when the whole is working to ali. This is the bitter reality! Why, Liu Qiangdong’s answer is: "whenever the monopoly, monopoly industry huge profits, users bitter force, such as banking, electricity, communications industry." So Liu Qiangdong added, single platform turnover of more than 50%, is not a good thing. I hope every seller, don’t hope for a." I think Ma and Liu Qiangdong are a few of the domestic Master speech, the audience want to know what, know what is the rival user pain point? But Ma’s speech is more like good people, speaking the future, but Liu Qiangdong some overbearing, more realistic. read more

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Why Jingdong launched the JDPhone program

Two days before

, a Jingdong responsible person said micro-blog sign Jingdong to launch JDPhone, thought it was the beginning of the Jingdong to independent research and development of mobile phone, and later learned to joint Jingdong is the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers customized machine research and development, but the premise is to fully understand the needs of users in the condition. According to Jingdong’s development strategy should be to take the C2B model, the user needs to build a mobile phone resources within the precise size of the user to buy to achieve the purpose of occupying the mobile terminal. read more

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Micro industry which red line products can not touch

as a common derivative, in the face of micro industry competition, industry rules gradually standardized and formalized, should clearly understand the micro business is no longer possible rich situation. Therefore, do a good job for the details of an ordinary micro business is very important, especially the recent introduction of the retail shop management approach (Trial) is a major milestone in the industry standardization. Some time ago there was a news 90 men open shop selling cigarettes, "indecent video" was arrested on suspicion of illegal business case, so in the choice of products is to be careful! That we are going to talk about some key matters of product selection. read more

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Online shopping new regulations will focus on integrity constraints

although the rapid growth of online shopping market, but due to lack of integrity caused by the proliferation of fake online shopping is an inevitable problem. Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma said yesterday (December 20th), to jointly build next year network network planning, so that the integrity of the network to obtain more profit.

about the great domestic market especially e-commerce market Alibaba, many business users and Taobao sellers "West", in Sichuan on the weekend, held third net goods fair. At the meeting, Ma did not deny the fact that there are fake online, online fake phenomenon, Ma said, will launch a "revolution" — promoting network planning and construction and network operators, the integrity of "use". read more

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Chinese such Chinese domain name is really suitable for universal

      these days in the webmaster online to see a few articles about the whole Chinese domain of little information, this part of the contents of " the reporter learned today, China will usher in the historical opportunity for the development of Chinese domain, "Chinese Chinese." the whole Chinese domain will become the mainstream China next generation Internet address. "

      I don’t know if it’s true, but I don’t understand it. Why do Chinese people have to use " Chinese. Chinese " such a domain name? I have the following questions really can not figure out, and we have to explore. read more

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Jumei.com admitted that failure of third party merchants selling 8 fidelity measures

jumei.com successful listing in the United states.

was born on 1983 in jumei.com CEO Chen ou to personal independence of conduct way for their own business endorsement, this year, work only 4 years of jumei.com’s successful listing in the United States, leaving the young founder taylor. However, since Chen Ou founded jumei.com, and questioned the aura is as the shadow follows the form of selling fake.

days ago, the media reported that the jumei.com third party merchants watch Lucky sunny suspected of selling fake products, and detailed exposure of its entire operation chain. Jumei.com once again pushed to the spotlight, but this time the greater impact. read more

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