SEO entrepreneurship entrepreneurial road (three) is how to talk about the business before the ventu

had written "SEO road" and "bitter entrepreneurial SEO entrepreneurial road two" were mentioned my bitterness is a step by step how to decide to start a business venture, how to do after the early, and early start problems. Today, we talk about how we talk about business in the early stages of entrepreneurship.


: because my friend before it alone so he his hand is part of the customer. And I started with him after the hands of his customers naturally become the company’s customers. We were about to start a business when I was working in the original company when my friend just talked about a client. I’m going to visit our company. I remember taking a long vacation. Because I will give a "natural" website to the customer to prick, so the website to find a lot of unreasonable places. They listened and thought I was right. We have come to an agreement that their company’s list is initially determined by us. At noon that day, or customers invited us to dinner. It’s not easy to start a business. Finally, the customer asked us to sort out a set of programs and then a few days to further discuss their company. I went off to work again. read more

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Ensure that the new easy to earn more than 500 months

      in addition to the first method, basically only 20 minutes per day below the maintenance time. I personally 5 stations, all maintenance time add up to half an hour a day, the monthly income is basically a few thousand.

      most of the novice began to buy space, they think the space to a few G, in fact, the novice station, in fact, 1G is enough. A lot of webmaster space usage is not more than 1G, of course, is not absolute, a few G space has a few G space do stand method, the following will be mentioned. read more

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Linktech the full gift shopping Bailian bus

dear affiliate member:

On the 38 day bus

brilliance Olympic year women’s sports started ~


shopping gifts

is full

activity description:

1, during the event, where the real payment of 58 yuan can be paid for the following gift a (choose one)


Korea buckle buckle box HPL807 value: 16.60 yuan

face massager value: 20.15 yuan

whisper dry personal daily sanitary napkin 20 value: 12 yuan

2, to meet the conditions of the order no matter how much money only enjoy a gift

3, activity time: February 25, 2008 – read more

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Want to start a business in 2014 Ask yourself these 7 things

2014 is coming, are you going to have a new beginning, for example, quit her job and start your own business? Congratulations, this idea is not alone, after all, an office worker, what is arbitrary, free more enjoyable? But seemingly free enjoy music with the factors behind it is all uneasy, such as intensity of work may actually be more onerous, and the income of workers is far from stable.

so the purpose of this article is to intend to start their own business people note — perhaps everything is too ideal, but at least you can ask yourself the following seven things, I do read more

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What can Ali mother bring to China

      click Register Ali mother, sell your site ad > >

August 12th, Alibaba group launched a network of Ali mother advertising distribution network, a full range of online advertising. This is not a simple release platform, but a trading platform, advertising has been extended to create a commodity concept, as a commodity to trade. The advertising as a commodity in the trading market, the current Ali mother to pay for the long time and pay per click advertising methods, as well as text links and advertising images of these two forms of advertising. Users can take advantage of this platform, in the above free to buy advertising or sell advertising".
read more

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Linktech new advertisers Online

    * advertisers Name: (

. Advertisers: mobile phone is Asia’s largest e-commerce website. Currently, the site registered users over one million, over 10 million views, Alexa ranked highest in the world 500th. has established a mobile phone sales center in the country’s more than and 20 large and medium city, through the humanized service of logistics distribution system, perfect quality, consumers can be very safe and convenient way to enjoy the new service of mobile phone service super cheap home ".
* delivery type: CPS read more

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am four months of Adwords bidding experience summary (on)

this article is written for novice friends, other friends please ignore.

I have said I do Wangzhuan present a month on average earn more than 1 thousand dollars, I have friends to sniff at.

can only say these friends see things just look at the surface, only care about money, not to discover how to make, see a lot of recommended information in my blog, that all the money I earn is recommended to.

these one thousand simply rely on me to do this blog to promote these and those linked to the hang of the code, it is certainly not earn this number. And I didn’t say that my one thousand piece was made on my blog. read more

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A coalition that doesn’t respect the webmaster

alliance alliance

if you still do alliance please stop the alliance will not pay for advertising is entirely sleight of hand

has a lot of webmaster cheated   if you don’t want to be one of them quickly retreat   in particular, has 100 yuan

immediately let them pay you as long as you pay for your account will soon be sealed off   garbage in the best!


union boss is a no money to play free flow through the alliance karate to eat other people’s money selling their products read more

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Explore marriage network profit model

The wireless Internet business, and business line activities under the three modes of marriage network has become a major source of income, but still make ends meet for big spending and marriage. The development of more suitable online products is still the direction of marriage and marriage website competition, but the product can be copied, and the real way to operate profitable but can not follow.According to

iResearch of iResearch company shows that China online dating market in recent years relatively rapid development, using a variety of online dating service users from 46 million 400 thousand in 2005 rose to 111 million 600 thousand in 2008, a CAGR of 34%. The proportion of Internet users will be increased from 42% in 2005 to $60% in 2008. But in the market, by the end of 2004 the online dating market reached 127 million yuan, of which online casual dating market size of 90 million yuan, the online dating market size of 37 million yuan, the company expects that with the rapid development of Internet users and online dating, scale will be further growth in 2008 reached 991 million yuan, of which the online dating market size of 653 million yuan. read more

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After 80 entrepreneurs rise this is the best time entrepreneurs

more than once, the traditional business people told me: "we are also very anxious."

may be the last two years and the next few years are the most traditional enterprise anxiety period, relatively, but also the best opportunity for entrepreneurs. Today, China is full of vitality and new business changes are in full swing. Although the China social environment and regulatory environment for private enterprises is not very friendly, but entrepreneurs rely on new technologies and new business models, like weeds, a little gap will develop and grow, make a piece of heaven and earth. read more

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PLUS product line with Fetion data Alliance

258 referrals

258 commercial search code will be off the assembly line in September 20th, when the Union will switch to the code to the big winner click on the code, please master the time to change the code, thanks to

network offline notification

net registered advertising in September 20th off the assembly line, please replace the webmaster friends code in a timely manner, to avoid unnecessary losses, thank you ~


data show that


due to system problems, 14 to 20 days during the period of the data will not be able to put all the data entry, the alliance will be filled in 21, calls for everyone to inconvenience! If you have any questions, please contact customer service. read more

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When the video into the mobile advertising is also about to follow up

    not long ago, in Beijing East sanhuan shipbuilding Hotel gathered in a number of real estate industry to participate in the "Chinese real estate new Beijing property market four anniversary celebration and the" Mohome charm of real estate brand promotion". Chinese real estate industry association director Wang Ping, Secretary of the Specialized Committee City long bodied estate group chairman Xie Qiang, Ren Zhiqiang Hua Yuanfang, President of real estate Cosco Real Estate Development Company Limited General Manager Li Ming, the new Hualian Group Beijing New Hualian Holdings Limited vice president and party, Beijing Renji real estate development group company Vice President Zhao Suopeng, Beijing Vanke Ltd. and many other well-known real estate developers to 11. Will Beijing mohome Co. Ltd. shows "Mohome –360 handheld video charm estate exhibitions". Although the mobile phone screen is not big, but after a high definition of processing and processing, chord background music, very attractive. When the models who entered the banquet hall with elegant pace, the hands of guests concentrating on looking at the scene of the mobile phone models, all developers felt again that now is the science and technology service and mutual promotion of the era of industrial entities. Industrial entities for science and technology to provide high quality content, relying on science and technology entities can be more dazzling. The real estate into the real go into the mobile phone, mobile Internet, mobile users have a "bird’s-eye view" community environment, classification, decoration, real club apartment layout function, investment potential. read more

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The network of public relations companies to delete posts out every single business practices on the

recently, the main Bo conducted a survey on the "network" network delete delete "found" also known as the network of public relations, some people have become a way of earning money. One of the companies took only one week to remove the negative news from the client’s main website. They charge a single business up to more than ten thousand yuan. Their practices, it will not use magic: advertising or other means, to publish reports of the media themselves to the website proposed deletion request. read more

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Small webmaster tears sad history

after being laid off, determined to return to the Internet, I was laid off, so simply, there is no sign of a point ahead of time, what should I do, working in Russia for three years, manager of a face not to say me open, so I lost my job. Before I go to Russia, is a website, not what is known, but enough of their own lives, I know the small owners the most troublesome thing is the original update, so create a soft blue ocean alliance, is in order to help webmasters solve the original problem, of course, this mission is too big, too unrealistic. At least I can’t do it alone. But at least I see a lot of webmaster, through the soft Wen marketing, successful sales of their products, which is more firm, and I have confidence in the soft site. read more

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On some Wangzhuan feelings since

today, my heart suddenly blocked some panic, thought he had just started building that will……


along the way, not a spot of words can be said clearly. To walk the road of formal Wangzhuan, October in the 08 year, the net profit first built day. No flow site offline, they do not have technology, do not understand SEO optimization. Some novice may not imagine how I get up every little bit Wangzhuan flow, every day with a dozen Wangzhuan forum, crazy post top stick to publicize their site. One is 4 hours. Every day, persist for about forty days. Flow can not go up. Some referrals click on the station he looked all the sad, most people are only about 20. This is his daily 4 hours post read more

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After optimizing the template GG unit price reached 0.05

my station on the line just for 20 days. Baidu has been included (reason: content is all original). Made a point outside the chain, about 300 IP per day. GG ads about 5-10 times a day. Advertising unit price is always in 0.01-0.02. Http://

update before the home put three ads, the article page put the three. I would like to say that the location and format of advertising is very important.

I used to put one on top, one in the middle, and the other below. Now I’m going to put the middle two 250*250 together. So others can easily click. Then put a page below the. The click rate is high. read more

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Taobao customers how to choose the business to ensure long-term stability Commission

Taobao off the appearance of the business is indeed a very good promotion channels. From the point of view of Taobao shop, the cost of opening a car with the cost of the difference between Taobao and Taobao is very large, if you can make a reasonable use of publicity, the benefits brought to the shop is not small. Taobao as a guest of the webmaster, is facing a problem, how to choose these stores publicity, how to find those who are willing to long-term investment Taobao off, but also know how to operate the shopkeeper. Don’t just use the Commission as the first factor. Long term stable commission income is what you should consider. read more

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WeChat founder Zhang Xiaolong how to make the product simple

core tip I believe we have created a Foxmail, QQ mailbox, WeChat and a series of successful products Zhang Xiaolong are very curious. The low-key products people is how to treat the mobile Internet and Internet products? Here is the "commercial value" reporter for Zhang Xiaolong earlier in the summer Yongfeng Tencent internal products share the record finishing, your view of how to evaluate the product, welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments area.

started with a small story today: why Apple’s phone has only one button? read more

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