Wu Longjie a detailed analysis of the 5 ways to make money Seoer

Why did

learn SEO, learn what is the use of SEO, in fact it is to make money, compared to the traditional industry, making money through SEO has many advantages, such as less investment, whether you are working for other people or their own, is to make money, including SEOER take a long-term vision, focus on the future, this the article mentioned SEOER need to learn, are in fact in the future can earn more money, ha ha, said are directly, but I think it is directly good, as long as we go through the proper way to make money, earn more money, there is no wrong, after all, today’s materialistic society no money, it means you lose the chance of survival, in order to survive, we must make money. read more

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Micro-blog on the road of development with Witkey

a few days ago accidentally discovered several good micro-blog tools plus fans (5 Sina micro-blog tools to help you quickly improve micro-blog fans Japan, over a thousand) strolling in these tools on the platform have discovered a new type of Witkey Wangzhuan platform "micro propaganda", he is a guest the platform specifically for Sina micro-blog and micro-blog NetEase.

, that is to say, micro-blog fans many bloggers gathered together, and to do publicity and marketing in the micro-blog platform, advertisers gathered for a micro publicity intermediary platform, the integration of resources, to achieve their own interests. read more

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My Chinese medicine Station GG is how the day into 10 knife

station, about IP3000, GG included average around $10, feeling pretty cool. GG industry price is really high, I is the medical station! Because my grandmother’s family medicine, and in the country’s largest Chinese market base, so make the local medical stations, to facilitate their query medicine market price fluctuations


let’s talk about my experience of the site, in 2002 started, the time is to catch up with the Internet bubble period, I happened to catch a tail, then online free space very much, what 8u8, what home4u.china.com, what are called unlimted. etang, I have applied for, also is the free space the station reminds me of my desire. It was time to cultivate my interest in building. With the bursting of the bubble, in 2003 to study hard to build knowledge, exercise the ability to access the internet. For the first year (with their own domain name has been registered foreigners), spend 100 dollars to buy the first payment space. At that time felt that a pay space cool! Can be tied to the domain name, you can use the FTP, support dynamic program! In 2004, because at that time do not know who to buy the domain name from the buy, renewal has been bothering me for a long time, finally decided to start, also registered several domain name, web site from the start of the to do something new, change the concrete content, then my space has become the most headache for me, one is the capacity, one is stability, when she was still a student, no money to invest, but the website traffic into a steady upward trend has stabilized IP Independence Day! In the 1000-1500. In 2005 after graduation to find a job probation base salary 1200 yuan, work second months and others flat-share their first server is 350 yuan per month. At that time, the feeling and the first time to buy a paid space. The beginning of a period of time is very good, and later with the increase flat-share people, and increase the number of websites, the server always crashes, I flat-share third months out, alone rented a double railway server monthly general configuration of friends of 600 yuan, when my work is 2000 yuan. The site is at this time of rapid development, and this time I made a few stations, each station is an independent IP on the 3000-5000. most of the data included in the Baidu 18W. In the middle of 2007 did not stand, the acquisition of a year of Chinese herbal medicine, earned a car money! In 2008 the Chinese herbal medicine market downturn, prices generally fell, and dry up the bank: station! read more

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Blog can also make money, Sina blog advertising alliance on-line test!

Your station is harmonious? Adsense to make money in the new direction, Sina blog advertising alliance will be on the line, as long as you have a blog, you can achieve the dream of making money!

At present, only part of

to join bloggers, please visit the website of https://union.blog.sina.com.cn, before September 20, 2007 to fill out and submit your registration form. read more

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Sina blog shielding Taobao guest link thousands of Taobao passengers suffered heavy losses

first, I started from the end of 08 to try to use Sina blog to do Taobao promotion, then do not too many Taobao customers, after a simple SEO operation, basically able to guarantee a monthly income of 1500-2500. Although the money is not a lot, but for a monthly wage of only 2000 of the migrant workers, or a good income. This continues until the beginning of this year.

recently, suddenly found Taobao passenger revenue fell sharply, from the original average of more than 70 yuan a day down to a block of 20, when the time is still less than $10. read more

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The basic method of using the search engine to promote the network brand

Including: the use of search engines to enhance the network brand with the basic method of improving the basic method of network search engine brand: "as far as possible to increase the number of search engines is; through the website optimization design to improve the effect of web pages in search engine results, get a more favorable position than competitors.

——————————————————————————– read more

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How App Store changed the world creating 300 thousand jobs

review within five years, App Store has been successfully subvert our impression of intelligent mobile phone.


App Store spent 5 birthday (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology Tom Eloise reported on July 13th

five years ago, Apple’s App Store opened its doors for the first time.

in the opening day, the app store a total of only from third party developers including games, efficiency and MLB (MLB) in 500 categories including the application. In the opening speech of the store, Apple has used a total of three revolutionary to describe the influence of the store. From today’s results, apple then use the adjective is not exaggerated. read more

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Small day do Taobao guest is how to earn hundreds of dollars a day

This year’s Taobao

off can be described as fire, every class is full of Taobao Wangzhuan forum guest figure. Taobao customers do make money, but many novice friends but can not make money or earn very little, which is why. Here is a small day analysis.

first, some friends websites will not do, do guest, must at least have a website. The site is actually not difficult to set up, buy a domain name space, engage in a guest program, as for what program on the different views, some friends love on the Internet to download free program. If you use free, you can use DEDE, Amoy Dongdong procedures, relatively good. Some API interface is also good, but the shortcomings of the free program is also obvious, such as some with backdoors. PID is someone else’s, and can not change. You can find a set of other procedures, change their own content, such as navigation procedures. You can also spend money to find someone to do a set, only the one and only to defeat the enemy, with others to do the same, stereotyped, the effect will be discounted. read more

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Publicity new advertisers

1: new advertisers Tootoo net 48.75 yuan CPC /1000IP, welcomed the business type of site a lot on the


2: new advertisers love apartment video chat window, put a lot of stationmaster. Welcome to


Union address: http://s.ads8.com/

more information as in the League: top.admin5.com/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the QQ:285445
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback QQ:285445 mail:9999086@gmail.com read more

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Drama tells the story of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs far from reality absurd

TV posters, the protagonists spoof photo of Jobs’s classic action (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology Wang Xin reported on April 22nd

drama to doctors, lawyers, politicians, police story over and over again, Hollywood finally set their sights on Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and farmers who codes.

HBO in the latest comedy "Silicon Valley" (Silicon Valley), a series of satirical spoof and exaggeration of the strange phenomenon of science and technology circle one shake out. In view of the controversial drama caused by insiders, HBO has recently announced the renewal of the second season. read more

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How to make use of a literary Station three months to earn $1000 combat exercises

Three months how to make use of a new literary site earn RMB 1000 yuan?

1, to collect enough data to generate the HTM page

2, to make the appropriate page optimization, keyword selection

3, landing Baidu and GG, improve website PR value.

4, apply for advertising skills, try to guide advertising, do not click on ads or Shao Fang

5, the first month of IP reached 1000, second months, IP reached 3000, third more than 5000 months.

6, Kingsoft guide advertising, the article page into the pop-up code, every day can install 30-100 (this is the actual number of my *0.2 a).

7, for the film monthly, put a little stimulation point alliance pictures, guide mobile phone registration, registered a $10 commission.

8, guide the consumer advertising for Taobao or eBay, every registered one is 4-10 yuan, and after sales commission.

9, advertising techniques: friendly program eliminate resentment and search engine visitors to the home page, please don’t do too much optimization, or placing too much advertising.

10, the level of AD, BLOG, Baidu, using all Post Bar QQ group, the forum. Popular now will be popular keywords posted in a well-known Web site, and then jump back to their own web site, as if the search engine will not KC your station Oh, I have not tried, interested in their own test read more

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Ali mother rights and interests of the Federation was formally established

sky, Ali mother received notice, said the website advertising statistics we anomalies has been banned by clicking the way of advertising. And freeze the poor Palestinian ad. Upon receipt of the notification, immediately self-examination, found no problem, then in accordance with the requirements of the application. Two days later received the following reply:

"I’m very sorry, after a review of existing data anomalies of your website, can not get down, now mom staff will study for two months on your website, if your website data is normal, will receive. Thank you again for your support for Ali! " read more

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Li Yu 3 years of experience on Wangzhuan Xinshoubikan

do Wangzhuan 3 years, talk about the real idea, I novice, Wangzhuan is an emerging industry, the social and legal recognition has just started to do Wangzhuan have been doing is free, never dare to play free things, a fear of being cheated, two if no ability, I registered the site estimates over hundreds. Do I have to say. The results show that most of the things are not very realistic. Finally ran is not an alliance settle a matter by leaving it unsettled payment simply does not give you, or delete iD. read more

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Four years of bitter free Wangzhuan talk free Wangzhuan development trend

a personal profile

to briefly introduce myself, I graduated in 2007 from a second rate University Physics Department, muddleheaded went to a town to work, 900 yuan of wages cannot feed their families, the office has a computer, no matter when playing Warcraft three, until it is unable to survive began looking for a way to make money on the internet.

two, free Wangzhuan bitter history

to introduce Wangzhuan course of my experience, I basically witnessed a free Wangzhuan era is very ashamed, groundless talk, a few months than those of cattle up person, I’m a real bird, fly too slow: read more

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A APP developer $2 million price for the experience of the 7 blood

I am a developer of APP App Co CEO and founder, we developed the APP to help users to use mobile phones to find a job. From 2009 onwards, our company encountered a series of setbacks, the product of the four transition, encounter unimaginable pressure, layoffs, founder of differences, homeless, cooperative and professional personnel and then, resistance and so on. But the company is still a variety of setbacks, made in line with market demand products, the number of users and participation has also been a steady growth, recently also received funding through financing support. But all this is too hard to come by. read more

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do Taobao guest earned 300+ experience sharing

first to show you my results: (think you can continue to see, if you do not have a good joke)

I know that in many people’s eyes are not what, but I know there are a lot of Amoy friends as my hope, these people can see.

do not want to keep what I have today, say what, feel good place for everyone to learn from you, don’t you help me good advice, we progress together. After all, we’re all working for a goal.

I am a college student, last term in the online shopping stumbled on Taobao guest, feel very suitable for me to do. To imagine is very simple, that the promotion of this in their own side can promote many ah, should be very good money, so I started my career in amoy. read more

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Method for increasing website profit and flow

There are 2 ways to increase the profit and flow of my website. These methods come from home and abroad, the purpose of sorting out is to get your response. Tell me the advantages and disadvantages of these methods, your application and suggestions. So many people will benefit.

determine all of your connections are normal. The broken connection will reduce the site in the search engine ranking. Test your online order. Test all you can think of. Make sure your site has free content or other free items so that visitors can stay a little longer.

few sites * visit visitors can get enough orders to get enough profit. If you want to have a long and successful online business, you definitely need to get customer information to follow up.

however, in general the Internet business, I think that as long as the list can be dedicated to the collection of e-mail. A lot of money to make web site owners, have a common discovery: their income and the number of e- mail list they are proportional. Please note that the number of names listed here is not to buy.

read more

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Strategy and the nternet — Reading Notes

Harvard University professor Michael E. famous Porter is indeed very good in "Harvard Review" Business Strategy and "published the article" the Internet, because I have no time to write reading notes, so now a bit empty, write out to share with you.

1. Online shopping price is too low.

at present due to the application of most of the countries in the world to encourage the Internet, some countries not only to electronic activities on the Internet are not taxed, and funding, which makes businesses on the Internet can be cheap to sell goods. Also, some companies want to attract users through the low price strategy, and even many companies at a loss of price to sell goods, but also makes the Internet commodity prices on the "irrational" low, even lower than the cost price. read more

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AVOS China President Jiang oral how to catch up with the wave of mobility

April 2011, Chen Shijun in the Youtube to $1 billion 600 million price to sell Google, began a second venture. He bought the social bookmarking site Delicious from YAHOO, founded AVOS on this basis, and in the United States, China and New Zealand set up three offices. At the end of 2010, also decided to return home in Google over the Yale Dr. Jiang Hong, under the auspices of Li Kaifu, by the end of 2011, his team officially settled AVOS China, became president of the AVOS China district.

AVOS since its establishment, the development of a variety of products, including ZEEN, Delicious Bookmarks, delicious love have been announced to close, Delicious, playing pat, MixBit and other products in the future seems to be wavering. But Jiang told I dark horse, a lot of ups and downs are predictable, in terms of start-up companies, product failure is a kind of norm, the future of AVOS China’s focus is the Mobile Developer Platform AVOS CLOUD. read more

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The soldiers raided see Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship cannot do XuSanDuo Road

recently to see a "soldier assault", in fact, from the beginning of this drama gave me very deep impression, then just think XuSanDuo silly, very straight, but very persistent, I learned a lot of things in his body. I do not know how to suddenly think of it, and turned over to see the TV show has not seen for four or five years.

I think many of us have seen the TV play, but to our deepest impression than XuSanDuo and success, two people have been together, with contrast, and certainly have feelings off. This time two personal experience told me a word called. But in the little body, I see something different, as an entrepreneur, I have to remind myself not to do xusanduo. read more

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