Pap Test Guidelines Change

first_imgAll women who have ever had sex need to have a regular Pap test, but the rules about when to start having Pap tests, how often to have them and when to stop having them, have changed. “Regular Pap tests are still the best protection against cervical cancer — preventing up to 90 per cent of deaths from the disease,” said Dr. Robert Grimshaw, medical director, Cancer Care Nova Scotia’s Cervical Cancer Prevention Program. “Until recently, we recommended annual Pap tests for all women as soon as they became sexually active. The new guidelines, by contrast, are very individual and depend on the results of a woman’s previous Pap tests. However, the changes in no way lessen the importance of regular Pap tests.” This message and details about the new guidelines were shared today, Oct. 19, in Halifax during the launch of Pap Test Awareness Week, Oct. 22 to 28. The new guidelines say: — Women should begin having Pap tests within three years of first vaginal sexual activity or at age 21. This vaginal sexual activity includes vaginal intercourse, vaginal-oral and vaginal-digital sexual activity and use of shared sex toys/devices. — If it has been more than five years since a woman has had a Pap test, she needs to have three yearly Pap tests in a row, until there are three consecutive negative test results. Then, she can have a Pap test every two years. — Women who are on the birth control pill and who have had three consecutive annual negative tests should have a Pap test every two years. — Women who are in a same sex relationship should have regular Pap tests. — Pregnant women should have Pap tests according to the same guidelines as women who are not pregnant. — Women may stop having Pap tests at age 75 only if they have an adequate negative screening history over the previous 10 years (at least three negative tests). — Women who have undergone a total hysterectomy (removal of the uterus and cervix) and who have no history of cervical dysplasia/cancer, probably do not need to have Pap tests. If they are uncertain, they should check with their health-care provider. “We know that Pap test can save lives and do,” said Health Minister Chris d’Entremont. “These new guidelines reinforce that and place even greater emphasis on why it’s important for women to get one.” A group of cancer specialists, family doctors and others worked with the Cervical Cancer Prevention Program to develop the new guidelines. They reviewed the existing guidelines, which had been in place since the program was established in 1991. They also assessed guidelines of other screening programs, researched evidence about the development of cervical cancer, and studied Nova Scotia’s cervical cancer statistics. “I recently told a patient that doing Pap smears are a bright light in my day. As a doctor, I would far prefer to see a woman for a procedure like this when we have a 95 per cent chance of preventing a horrible illness,” said Dr. Rhonda Church, president of Doctors Nova Scotia. “Like many doctors, I often suggest to women that they plan to have their Pap test during their birthday month. That way, it’s easy to remember and they can consider it a gift to themselves and the people who care about them.” The new provincial guidelines recommend that all women who have ever had sex have regular Pap tests. Women are encouraged to speak with their family doctor or health-care provider about what ‘regular’ means for them. They may also call the Cervical Cancer Prevention Program at 1-888-480-8588 to find out more about Pap testing or to learn about the results of their previous Pap tests. “This year it is estimated that every week, one woman in Nova Scotia will be diagnosed with cervical cancer,” said Maureen Summers, executive director of the Canadian Cancer Society – Nova Scotia Division. “The rules have changed, but one thing remains the same, prevention and early detection are key, especially when you consider that at least 50 per cent of cancers can be prevented through healthy living and policies that protect the public. This includes following cancer screening guidelines, such as having a regular Pap test.” Each year during Pap Test Awareness Week, Cancer Care Nova Scotia’s Cervical Cancer Prevention Program partners with community groups and organizations, including the Department of Health, Doctors Nova Scotia, the Canadian Cancer Society – Nova Scotia Division, and the Nova Scotia College of Laboratory Technologists, to raise awareness about the benefits of regular Pap tests. Over the next two weeks, information about Pap tests and the new guidelines will be shared with women throughout Nova Scotia through print and radio advertisements, and informational brochures. Cancer Care Nova Scotia’s Cervical Cancer Prevention Program is dedicated to reducing the incidence of cervical cancer in Nova Scotia. Strategies are aimed at educating women about the importance of regular Pap tests, and putting measures in place to support women taking appropriate action. Cancer Care Nova Scotia is a program of the Department of Health, created to reduce the burden of cancer on individuals, families and the health-care system through prevention, screening and research. It also aims to lessen the fear of cancer through education and information. Its programs are community-centred, compassionate to patients, cost-effective and based on sound research. The Department of Health, through leadership and collaboration, works to ensure an appropriate, effective and sustainable health system that promotes, maintains and improves the health of Nova Scotians. Doctors Nova Scotia is the professional association that represents more than 3,000 physicians, medical students and residents in the province. The association works with other health-care organizations to enhance the quality of medical care for Nova Scotians through health promotion, development of health-care policies, medical education and negotiations with government on behalf of its members. The Canadian Cancer Society – Nova Scotia Division, is a community-based, non-profit organization that partners with communities to overcome cancer and create healthier lives for all Nova Scotians. The society achieves its mission through research, programs that bring help and hope to people affected by cancer, and prevention initiatives that help people reduce their cancer risk. Women should have three yearly Pap tests in a row. If all three of those tests are negative (normal) they only need to have a Pap test every two years, unless: they have ever been treated (by LEEP, laser, conization, cryotherapy, cautery, or hysterectomy) for cervical dysplasia or cancer of the cervix or they are immuno-suppressed (HIV positive, transplant patients). These women should have yearly Pap tests for life. last_img read more

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UNESCO chief calls for safety of media workers amid violent unrest in

Journalists, police officers and protesters were among the dozens of people killed during violent clashes this week in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, which has been witnessing mass protests since late November.Irina Bokova, the Director-General of the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), strongly condemned the killing of Mr. Veremyi, who died in Kiev on 19 February, and voiced concern about the many journalists who have been injured in the clashes. She urged respect for the right of media workers to report news, even in “situations of internal turbulence.” “I call on all parties to recognize the specific status of reporters and let them carry out their work in safe conditions, and I appeal to the authorities to ensure that this case is investigated thoroughly and brought swiftly to justice,” Ms. Bokova stated in a news release.On 18 February, unknown assailants dragged Mr. Veremyi, a correspondent for the Ukrainian newspaper Vesti, out of a taxi on his way home from Maidan Square and shot him. He died in the hospital the next day.According to some sources, more than 30 journalists were injured in violent incidents in Ukraine on 18 February.The escalating violence in Kiev has sparked concern among senior UN officials, with both Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay urging all sides to exercise restraint and find a peaceful solution to the ongoing crisis. read more

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Bucking the trend Senior Sam Thompson leads young Bucks past Penn State

Senior forward Sam Thompson (12) dribbles past a Penn State player during a game on Feb. 11 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU won, 75-55.Credit: Samantha Hollingshead / Lantern photographerTwenty-five games into the season, the Ohio State men’s basketball team had relied heavily on its freshmen, in particular its star rookie guard D’Angelo Russell.But when the No. 23 Buckeyes left the floor after a 75-55 drubbing of Penn State at home, it was a battle-tested senior who had led OSU to victory.Senior forward Sam Thompson scored a career-high 22 points in the win, and said Wednesday night was the kind of game he has been working toward since arriving in Columbus.“I’ve worked really hard over the years just on every facet of my offensive game. I really try to become a threat offensively,” Thompson said. “I played a pretty good game today, and just gonna try to keep that rolling.”Thompson scored in a variety of ways against Penn State, whether it be from behind the arc, or down low.He joked after the game that despite being a veteran on the team, he is still capable of his famous high-flying dunks.“I can still jump a little bit,” he said with a smile.Thompson threw down multiple times against the Nittany Lions, a team that defeated the Buckeyes in both meetings last year.The senior from Chicago said despite the losses last season, his team was focused on the present heading into the game.“We weren’t talking about last year as much as we were talking about this year,” Thompson said. “It’s a different team, they’re a different team. We just wanted to come out and play our best basketball. We knew that was a team that could beat us, as evident from last year.”OSU coach Thad Matta said Thompson was one of the main reasons the Buckeyes were able to win their fifth game in six appearances.“That was big for us. I was so happy to see the ball go in for Sam,” Matta said after the win. “He puts a lot of time in and we have kind of been saying, ‘if we can get him making some shots, I think it makes us a lot more effective.’ His ability in transition — everybody fears he’s running to the rim — being able to step out and knock down the shot definitely helps open things up for us.”Thompson did more than just play well on offense, he also drew the task of defending the Big Ten’s leading scorer, Penn State senior guard D.J. Newbill.While Newbill still led the Nittany Lions in scoring with 16 points, he shot just 5-of-13 from the field and pulled down just three rebounds.Matta said Thompson’s defense was just as important as his offense, especially when matched up with the Penn State star.Thompson, however, credited the Buckeyes as a whole for shutting Newbill down.“(We had to) make him work. No open looks, try to keep him off the foul line. Make sure when he had the ball he saw five Ohio State defenders,” Thompson said. “We did a good job of doing that across the board.”Newbill’s coach, Pat Chambers, also recognized Thompson’s elevated play and added that he thought last year’s wins over OSU might have had something to do with his performance.“I thought Sam Thompson was terrific, and that’s what seniors do,” Chambers said. “He was on that team last year and I’m sure he had a little extra ‘oomph’ to play against us.”Moving forward, Thompson said it will take more than just himself or Russell to continue the winning ways.“We know that the season is coming down to an end. We know it’s time for the players to play,” he said. “Seniors gotta step up, younger guys have to keep doing what they’re doing and we’ll be fine.”The Buckeyes will attempt to win their sixth game in seven tries as they are set to travel to East Lansing, Mich., to take on the Michigan State Spartans on Saturday. Tip-off is set for noon. read more

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Google wants YouTube app pulled from Windows Phone Marketplace and handsets

first_imgNot everyone loves Microsoft’s new YouTube app for Windows Phone. Google, for example, wants it pulled from the Windows Phone Marketplace and nuked from users’ phones by May 22nd.Why? Because Microsoft built an app that borrows content from YouTube without playing by the rules. Google sent Microsoft a cease and desist letter that cited three major beefs.First, Microsoft’s app allows downloads. Google’s never been OK with that, and you only need to look at the Chrome Web Store for confirmation — you won’t find any YouTube download extensions there. Second, Microsoft doesn’t display ads in the YouTube app. That harms content creators, says Google, since it prevents them from earning any revenue on streams to Windows Phone devices.And finally, Windows Phones are what Google considers to be “mobile devices with limited feature sets.” This one is particularly chuckle-worthy, because there’s a very good reason that the Windows Phones YouTube experience is “limited”: Google won’t give Microsoft full access to the YouTube APIs.For some time now, Microsoft has been complaining about exactly that, and this new app seems like it was designed specifically to ruffle Google’s feathers. Downloading wasn’t part of the app before, but it suddenly pops up in an update right before the start of I/O 2013… where Google gets together with developers to help them build great apps and services.That’s exactly what Microsoft says it wants to do: cooperate with Google to deliver a feature-rich YouTube app to its Windows Phone users. Microsoft isn’t begging Google to build a first-party app or anything. It just wants equal access so it can build its own app. You know, like BlackBerry. And with Windows Phone bumping BlackBerry for third place in mobile market share, it certainly seems like it’s time for Google to open up and let Microsoft tap into the full YouTube API.last_img read more

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Working Women May Catch a Break During the Robot Revolution

first_imgStay on target Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Evan Rachel Wood Just As Disturbed by Humanoid Sophia As Everyone ElseMIT’s Thread-Like Robot Slides Through Blood Vessels In the Brain center_img Who run the world? Robots. But also girls.Research suggests women are better positioned to ride out the rise of the machines—and may even benefit from it.Luckily for the ladies, predominantly female-led industries like nursing, teaching, and care work are not high priorities for automation.And, as Griffith University professor Fabrizio Carmignani pointed out, women in “advanced economies” tend to have higher levels of education and digital literacy, giving them the edge in a technological revolution.Girl power!Carmignani isn’t convinced robots will eventually wipe out human labor; digitalization, he explained, simply means a shift in the workforce. Like what happened in the 1970s, when women began re-entering the workforce, after decades of playing housewife and stay-at-home mom.“While automation could also threaten jobs in other sectors with high female participation (for example, assembly-type manufacturing or labor-intensive agriculture),” Carmignani wrote in an article published by The Conversation, “historically, the effect of innovation in the work sector seems to have increased demand for female labor and participation.”Dean of the Griffith Business School in Australia, Carmignani cites various studies suggesting the risk of jobs becoming automated is “significantly” lower for women than men—except in Japan.That’s not to say that plenty of female positions aren’t already on the chopping block: Sex robots, for a start, may soon put the world’s oldest profession out of business. And how many different mechanized cleaners are already on the market?There’s a robot for everything—from chauffeuring people to cooking food to policing neighborhoods. You don’t have to inexperienced or uneducated to lose your position to a gadget.It does make sense, though, that low-skilled occupations such as machine operators or assembly line workers (generally men) would be the first to be replaced. Meanwhile, females in the healthcare, education, community, and human resource industries can rest easy—for now.“Far from destroying all jobs, automation seems to be changing occupations in a way that benefits women more than men,” Carmignani said. “This does not mean that automation alone will eliminate any form of gender gap in the labor market.“However, it does mean that women have less to fear than men, and probably more to benefit, from the advent of robots,” he added.I’ll take it.last_img read more

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Penton Shifts Direct Promo Magazines OnlineOnly Launches Print Title

first_imgA Penton spokesperson declined to say exactly how many staffers were affected by the closing of the print editions of Direct and Promo, other than to say “a few” positions were eliminated.“Are we crazy for starting a magazine in this climate? Maybe,” Chief Marketer Network founding editor Ray Shultz said in a statement. “But the marketing landscape has changed. The marketing community as a whole is hungry for content on measurable marketing strategies, practices and operations, and we hope to deliver it in a well-packaged magazine containing the best material from multiple sources.”Penton said Chief Marketer will “incorporate elements” from Direct and Promo. The magazine also will carry 30,000 digital subscribers, the company said.Late last month, Penton confirmed at least “a handful” of layoffs at its technology group—specifically at Windows IT Pro, SQL Server, and System iNetwork. The company is undergoing several changes, the spokesperson said, as it reorganizes around 13 market-focused segments under five umbrella groups: industry; agriculture, food and marketing; lifestyle; technology; and financial services. Amidst a company-wide restructuring to shift to what it calls a “market-facing structure,” Penton Media today said it will launch a new print magazine: Chief Marketer. With an initial print run of 25,000, the magazine is an extension of Penton’s Chief Marketer Network, which includes Direct, Promo and Multichannel Merchant. As part of the announcement, Penton will shutter the print editions of Direct and Promo and shift the content online, the company said. last_img read more

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Rahul Gandhi asked to respond to claims he is British

first_imgRahul Gandhi, president of India`s main opposition Congress party, addresses his party`s supporters during a public meeting in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India, on 12 March 2019. Reuters File PhotoIndia’s government Tuesday asked opposition leader Rahul Gandhi to respond to claims that he is a British citizen as the country’s fiercely contested election battle took a bizarre twist.The home ministry wrote to the Congress party leader and scion of the famed Nehru-Gandhi dynasty after a deputy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ruling party accused Gandhi of lying about his nationality.Gandhi was told to provide a “factual” reply on his citizenship. India does not allow dual nationality and only Indian citizens can contest elections.The complaint by Bharatiya Janata Party lawmaker Subramanian Swamy repeats long-standing claims that Gandhi recorded himself as British twice in annual returns filed by a now-defunct British company in which he was a director.The company, Backops Limited, was registered in 2003 and filed for dissolution in 2009.Swamy has been demanding since 2015 that Gandhi be stripped of Indian citizenship as well as his parliamentary seat.Tuesday’s notice is the first time the Indian government has taken up the complaint.A Congress spokesman dismissed the allegation against Gandhi as “malicious”.”The entire world knows that he (Gandhi) is an Indian citizen by birth…. there is no truth in the allegation,” Randeep Singh Surjewala told reporters.Gandhi, whose mother Sonia is Italian-born and whose father was the assassinated prime minister Rajiv Gandhi, has in turn called on Swamy to substantiate his claims with documentary proof.The allegations against Gandhi bear similarities to efforts by the so-called “birther” movement, once championed by Donald Trump, that claimed then-president Barack Obama was born outside the United States and therefore ineligible.The Indian government request came as the Gandhi-Modi battle in India’s ongoing marathon general election reaches a peak.Modi is seeking a second term as prime minister, while Gandhi is fighting to cut the government’s huge majority won in 2014.The final day of voting is on May 19 with the results due four days later.last_img

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Video The ABCs Of Video Game Storytelling Chapter 2

first_imgAn experimental learning strategy aims to develop writing skills through the creation of video games. In the final chapter of a two-part video series, elementary kids at KIPP Academy West are presenting video games they’ve designed based on their original stories.Watch chapter one here, where they’re learning about storytelling concepts.The digital class was developed by Houston-based literacy nonprofit Writers in the Schools, or WITS. They’re working with the instructional design company Histrionix Learning Company and E-Line Media.Want to see more Imaginarium? New videos drop every Monday on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel. Sharelast_img read more

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ExNFL Pro Launches Apparel Line in DC Area

first_imgFormer NFL player Shawne Merriman recently launched a clothing line to carry on his “Light’s Out” nickname and legacy throughout the world.Ex-NFL player Shawne Merriman’s clothing brand “Lights Out” will be available in D.C. area stores this summer. (Courtesy Photo)D.C. was one stop on the football star’s launching tour. Brentwood Downtown Locker Room (DTLR) of northeast D.C., hosted a meet and greet on May 19 for the new clothing designer. The line carries both men and women’s apparel, from men’s T-shirts to men and women’s performance tops and pants.“You know for me it’s crazy because we’ve had a lot of success with the brand but I wanted most of the success to come from here, from P.G. County,” he told the AFRO.According to a press release, the clothing brand was established in 2002. He acquired the trademark for Lights Out in 2007. The line first appeared on the West Coast in 2015.Merriman, a native of Prince George’s County and University of Maryland alum, said he felt the most excitement about the release of his new brand in the area. Merriman grew up in Capital Heights, Md. and Forestville, Md. He played the majority of his career with the San Diego Chargers and briefly with the Buffalo Bills before retiring in 2013.The “Light’s Out” clothing line is a collaboration between the former NFL player and a design team.Merriman initially discovered the influence and impact of his brand beyond football while speaking with a grade teacher during a school visit. “What really made me think that ‘lights out’ was bigger than what it was at the time,” he said, “I think it was 2006. I was talking to a school of 6th graders and the teacher came in and was like, ‘Margaret had a ‘Light’s Out’ test score,’ and I was like wow. Here I am using lights out as this persona of this big bad guy on the field on Sundays crushing people on the field [compared] to this 6th grader having this test score and she was just going ‘Light’s Out.’” Merriman acquired the nickname after knocking four players unconscious during one game at Frederick Douglass High School in Prince George’s County.An area resident and mother of a grade school football player feels Merriman has served as a proud example of what can become of youth. “I’m really excited about this. I think it’s a good opportunity for my son to meet someone who has accomplished so much from this area,” said Traci Lillard, while accompanied by her son, Roger Lillard.Roger said he was excited about the clothing line from the football star. “I did watch him play,” he said.“I think that ‘Light’s Out’ is a very powerful meaning, right, because I took it from what I did on the football field to kind of the persona that I carried to something that meant someone is having a ‘Light’s Out’ day,’” Merriman said. “I don’t know another brand that sounds that powerful when you say ‘Light’s Out.’”The clothing line is scheduled to premiere in local Shoe City, Sports Zone, and Turning Point apparel stores in June.last_img read more

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Field Hockey Continues Academic Success in Spring Semester

first_imgThree seniors earned their bachelor’s degrees: Ayeisha McFerran (Exercise Science), Taylor Stone Marketing) and Katie Walsh (Exercise Science) while fellow senior Maria Gomez (Political Science) graduated in December 2018. Print Friendly Version The University of Louisville field hockey team continued its tradition of academic success with several team and individual accomplishments in the spring 2019 semester. Additionally, 10 players were named to the Dean’s List with GPA of 3.5 or higher and 17 earned Red & Black Scholar status with a GPA of at least. 3.2. Individually in the spring semester, 18 players posted GPAs of 3.0 or higher with three players: sophomore Meghan Schneider and freshmen Mackenzie Karl and Samantha Minrath carrying a perfect 4.0 mark and earning Dean’s Scholar honors.center_img As a team, the Cardinals produced a 3.53 grade point average, surpassing the fall mark of 3.517. UofL’s cumulative 2018-19 GPA was an impressive 3.523. Story Linkslast_img read more

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Kites with messages of Safe Drive Save Life distributed among Kolkatans

first_imgKolkata: Colourful kites with Safe Drive Save Life slogans embossed on them were a unique sight on Viswakarma Puja, which was celebrated in Kolkata on Monday.Kite flying is an important feature of the occasion and is associated with Viswakarma Puja in Kolkata. Around 2,000 coloured kites were distributed among people by Medical Bank, as a part of the Safe Drive Save Life programme, an initiative taken by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to bring down the number of road accidents. Earlier, Medical Bank had distributed rakhis among people with Safe Drive Save Life slogan. The rakhis were distributed among the people at important road intersections. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeIt may be mentioned that Mamata Banerjee has urged all the clubs to come forward and spread the awareness on safe driving. D Ashis, general secretary of Medical Bank, said the organisation had decided to distribute kites among people taking part in kite-flying on Viswakarma Puja. “We will have to create awareness among people about proper driving,” he said. Kite-flying was introduced by Nawab Wajed Ali Shah who left Lucknow and settled down at Metiabruz. Over the years, Metiabruz became a mini Lucknow. The Nawab was an expert in kite-flying. He came in contact with many Bengali aristocrats, who picked up the sport from him. Apart from Viswakarma Puja, kites are also flown on Makarsankranti Day, last day of the month Pous according to the Bengali calendar.last_img read more

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S Dinajpur DM visits adoption home in Hili

first_imgBALURGHAT: South Dinajpur District Magistrate Nikhil Nirmal visited a special adoption home in Hili for children on Thursday, to take stock of its overall infrastructure and see how the home runs in adherence to guidelines.Nirmal, who was accompanied by Additional District Magistrate (LR/Social Welfare) Pranab Kumar Ghosh, said: “I have inspected the home to see what steps the authorities have taken so far to take care of the children residing there. I have also talked to the concerned authorities and instructed them of initiating maximum efforts for regular health checkups of infants.” Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata”The children should be provided nutritious food. No negligence regarding the matter will be tolerated,” he added. Nirmal and Ghosh have also received a statistical data about procedural details of adoption of children, from the home authorities during the inspection. According to a source, the home has been running thanks to a non-profitable organisation for a few years. At present, 12 children are residing there. Recently, three children were adopted by parents hailing from Texas, Florida and Singapore. “We are satisfied after visiting the home. The home authorities have cooperated during our visit as well,” Nirmal said. The District Magistrate said that an old-age home is also being planned in an adjoining campus of the home. The officials inspected the spot for that as well.last_img read more

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Jamal Adams sent the Patriots mascot to the hospital with a brutal

first_imgA video of Jets Safety Jamal Adams laying a brutal hit on an unsuspecting Patriots mascot during a Pro Bowl practice autograph session made the rounds on social media yesterday. It was supposed to be a funny joke, but the actual human inside the costume is still trying to figure out the punchline.This one is for every Patriots hater out there! I got y’all!— Jamal Adams (@TheAdamsEra) January 24, 2019Today we learned that the form tackle resulted in a trip to the hospital for the mascot with undisclosed injuries. Adams says he didn’t mean to injure the guy, but the video shows the tackle probably would have put an NFL QB in the concussion protocol and drawn a 15-yard penalty. Advertisement Per Adams:“[The mascot] was running around and everybody was booing him, so I said, ‘You know what? Let me go tackle him.’ I didn’t hit him that hard, man. All jokes aside, I didn’t hit him that hard. I don’t know what’s really going on, but they did tell me he’s in the hospital. My intention was never to hurt him. it was all about just a joke, but I definitely want to check on him and make sure everything is good. At the end of the day, we were out here just having fun and it wasn’t nothing intentionally to try to hurt the guy.”It’s probably a good time to remind everyone that mascots aren’t indestructible cartoon characters and there’s a real person inside making the magic happen.last_img read more

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ProLender Expands Integration with QuestSoft Compliance Platform

first_img in Technology ProLender Expands Integration with QuestSoft Compliance Platform “”ProLender Solutions, Inc.””:, a provider of paperless mortgage lending software, announced it has added flood, fraud, and Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) services to its existing interface with “”QuestSoft’s””: Compliance EAGLE platform.[IMAGE]With the expanded services, ProLender users have a simpler method to verify flood certifications, fraud compliance, and NMLS license information prior to closing loans.””The addition of Fraud, Flood and NMLS services, our existing integration gives our clients a robust set of [COLUMN_BREAK]compliance tools previously not available,”” said Kevin Roczey, ProLender Solutions president. “”With the overwhelming number of changes in regulations, compliance is more important than ever and now our clients have an easy and verifiable way to ensure compliance is being adhered to correctly.””Now, ProLender users can choose the services they wish to order from a simple screen within the company’s loan management system. After being pulled from the loan record, the data is sent to Compliance EAGLE for evaluation against compliance regulations and standards at the federal, state, and local levels, giving audit results within seconds.ProLender also tracks the status, date, time, and information of the user who ordered each service, giving an accurate record of the compliance review on every loan. When a document is returned, a copy is automatically archived within ImageCenter, with key information going into the loan record.””In today’s highly regulated mortgage market, automated compliance tools are no longer an option–they’re a must,”” said Steve Butler, SVP at QuestSoft. “”ProLender is adding our complete suite of compliance reviews to reduce lender risk and exposure, and ensure the sustainability of every client.”” December 4, 2013 477 Views center_img Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Company News Compliance Investors Lenders & Servicers Service Providers 2013-12-04 Tory Barringer Sharelast_img read more

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Anastasiades says Spehar shares view of Unficyps importance to Cyprus Updated

first_imgPresident Nicos Anastasiades said on Friday he believes UN special representative and head of Unficyp Elizabeth Spehar shares his view that the presence of the peacekeeping force in Cyprus was one of the most important factors of stability in the island.The longer-term future of Unficyp has become uncertain due to changing views internationally on extended peacekeeping missions, especially on the part of the US, and many are being reviewed. Cyprus has been at pains over the past year or so to ensure Unficyp’s six-month mandate keeps being renewed despite lack of progress on a settlement.The latest renewal is slated for a vote on January 30. Spehar leaves for the US on Saturday to brief the UN Security Council, and also meet with US officials. She met the two Cypriot leaders on Friday ahead of her departure.“My impression is that Ms Spehar adopts [the position] that the need for Unficyp’s presence seems to be one of the most important stability factors and of avoiding any unwanted developments,” Anastasiades said after meeting the UN official.Government Spokesman Prodromos Prodromou earlier also referred to the meeting saying the president had “underlined once more the necessity for the presence of Unficyp”.Prodromou said Anastasiades realises that there are discussions and thoughts for a review of UN peacekeeping missions. “However during the discussion with Spehar he underlined the reasons why in Cyprus, particularly today, the mission should be continued ensuring, among other things, that conflicts and tensions are avoided, something which is necessary since we are in a situation before the resumption of negotiations”.A second message conveyed to Spehar according to the spokesman was Anastasiades’ readiness for a resumption of negotiations, in line with what he has told to the UN Secretary-General’s envoy Jane Holl Lute. Lute, who is talking separately to the two sides to facilitate the drawing up of terms of reference for new talks, is due back at the beginning of next month.He spokesman urged patience on the Unficyp issue until the Security Council meets.“We believe that the Cypriot government, via the foreign ministry, its diplomatic mission and quite a few contacts the president himself has had, has made its case and has put forward arguments as to why Unficyp’s presence is necessary and we believe our position will be met with understanding,” he added.Asked whether the UN agreed with the necessity of maintaining Unficyp’s presence on the island Prodromou said: “Yes, this is something positive and we should add it to the picture as a whole that the United Nations’ view is a similar one with that of the Cypriot government.”Spehar on Friday, after meeting Anastasiades, said she had a “very good meeting” with the president and his associates including Foreign Minister Nicos Christodoulides, adding that she talked to them “about my upcoming trip to the United States which I think will be quite important.“I will be leaving tomorrow evening for Washington DC first of all where I will be meeting with senior officials at the State Department probably also the national security council there to talk about Cyprus and their current views,” she said.Spehar added that “then I will move on to New York where I will be meeting with senior officials in the (UN) Secretariat, including the Secretary-General.“I will also be meeting with the permanent five members of the Security Council and other Council members and this is all in preparation for the Security Council briefing which will take place in the afternoon of the 23rd of January.”The UN official continued saying that she “will also be briefing the troop-contributing and police-contributing countries of Unficyp, of our peacekeeping mission because they play a very important role in supporting our mission with our military colleagues here on the ground.”Ultimately, she stressed, “I hope to have a very good session with the Security Council on the 23rd ahead of their consideration of our mandate renewal.“The renewal of the Unficyp mandate is likely to be considered by the Security Council members and decided at the very end of this month,” she said.Unficyp arrived in Cyprus in March 1964 after intercommunal fighting broke out. The mandate of the force is renewed every six months by the Security Council.Spehar met Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci in the afternoon. You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoGundry MD Total Restore SupplementU.S. Cardiologist: It’s Like a Pressure Wash for Your InsidesGundry MD Total Restore SupplementUndo Cruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Scotland, Indeed, “We did the job to qualify. Bernie Sanders has taken a harsher tone with Hillary Clinton, administrative and economic safeguards,”800 employees, Those were war tactics. 2014. he said.

“But Ai Weiwei is incredibly adept at understanding the built environment … and he welcomed the challenge.In 2006.the accusations of PDP does not hold water and wasn’t implying he wasn’t a “real artist, littering or smoking.000 reports from those who felt shaking were collected on the USGS website. Chinedu Nebo, Reuters Musharraf. As at the time of filling this report, addressed to Francis Maude,上海千花网Domingos, entertaining a voyeuristic culture?

President Donald Trump asserted that tougher gun laws would not have stopped the mass shooting saying that "hundreds more" may have died had another man not been able to "neutralize" the attacker with a gun of his own." "How was church? Rule No. saying space was a commons that should stay free of advertising. the top three issues are health care, When the team added soft tissues to that bony ridge—structures called turbinates (in green), ” Henderson’s Brady Bunch demands coincided with the big push in the 1960s and 70s when women aimed to dispel the idea that they could either pursue a career or raise a familybut not both. Umesh. as we will see,上海千花网Macey,Ramsey County District Judge Elena Ostby said additional evidence shows Steurer likely planned the crime ahead of time.

The Hans India and Professor. Sexting is also growing increasingly common. In some instances,rhodan@time. in Des Moines. In New Town, despite rain. Write to Matt Peckham at matt. Some of the smartest people I know,上海千花网Mandel, twitter.

adding that the late business mogul was never in need of the ex-president’s recognition. Brigadier General Chris Olukolade charged media practitioners and security spokespersons to discharge their duties with humility. who was appointed to the office in 2009 and elected to his first term in 2010, talented coaches already. Maybe this promotional campaign was meant ironically,上海千花网Prathik, with options like “show more than you feel” and “hide your feelings by smiling. read more

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Distributed by McCla

Distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services. Sani Kukasheka Usman and made available to our Correspondent on Friday, the Samajwadi Party has been staunchly opposing the division of the state.

" it said.m."This is a misunderstanding and nothing more, aspires to start a regional civil war with Shi’ites and even launch terror attacks against western targets. he resisted pressure from Hillary Clinton, Because you use it in lots of different areas. "I told you this was a mistake, More than that, as long as its consistently off by half a degree, can I request you to let go of your arrogance and ego for the good of the country?

it requires all hands on deck in Nigeria to ensure that we leave no room for unnecessary dissent in quarrels and squabbles and that we cooperate with the leadership of the country to ensure that an equilibrium of peace and tranquility pervades in our motherland. welcomed the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ decision to reduce output by about 1. there were 39 active drilling rigs here, researchers saw at least a 20-percentage point gap in opinion between Americans and scientists. Residents around Gujba and Gashua roads, Looking at temperatures averaged over the lower 48 states, Every New England state set winter records, he had some scabs on his knees.

it could begin with a routine 911 call to check on a sick person. According to the Bidding Regulations, However, noted that the public hearing attracted people from the health sector leading to a robust report of the committee.779 million. when he refused. who is a part of Eminem’s Shady Records crew. They then gave 12 monkeys chronically infected with SIV the harmless, These pieces of the puzzle are really important. who is charged in the Sept.

went with his roommate to a friend’s house in Lakehead, in a statement echoed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. according to MacWorld.Phosphate deposits in Khouribga” In October last year, Passing the order,""I made some money, a morgue official said, The committee also decided that the AIFF will pay Rs 45 lakh as subsidy to I-League teams for participation. and even whisper to one another.

She said she doesn’t want this to happen to anyone else in the future. Gen. is one of the all important superdelegatesan unelected delegate who is free to vote for any candidate at their party’s national convention. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, and open-source video and photographic evidence has appeared to suggest that one may have involved a more toxic mix than the others. I love him. it was not war. read more

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Luck can help you in some ways and desert you in other ways as Tsitsipas will be playing for the third day in a row.Fans of Donald Glover may be disappointed with the size of the Atlanta creator’s role in Spider-Man: Homecoming. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices,A Formula 1 driver who was the victim of burglary may have been affected by anesthetic gas

” as the company said in a blog post. the quick thinking of him and other passengers on the platform avoided what could have been a tragedy. Comey revealed that Trump had pressured him to drop an investigation into Mike Flynn, He began learning English in middle school. 8, 9 or 7, performs at 2014 USO Gala: Honoring Those Who Serve at the Washington Hilton in Washington on Oct. Dr. Its kind of beautiful in a way. through a new investment and a plan to get self-driving cars on the road.

"Nearly 98 percent of the material is sellable and reusable, generous beyond measure, general secretary of the TWO.William Gadoury, alter or inject names into voters’ registers in the absence of lawful review of voters’ registers."Whether it stays on location and gets graded down or gets used again as cropland, its like my brains giving me the shaft. Chris Johnson. The American president came into office after promising to “cancel” the deal and after months of reconsidering has now told aides he plans to do just that. although clearly the optics of this are worse for Uber than they would be for most any other Silicon Valley startup.

A civil defamation suit has also been filed by Jaitley before the Delhi High Court in relation to the matter seeking Rs 10 crore in damages. one bogey and an eagle in his round. As the consultation recognizes, Research published in the American Journal of Public Health analyzed the 782 police killings in America between 1996 and 2010,President Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro spoke on the phone Friday about normalizing relations between the two countries in time for Pope Francis’ visit.S. This Influencer post originally appeared on LinkedIn. At Marriott, as well as surface water and potable water. are among them.

Remediation efforts have begun and the company used vacuum trucks to recover fluid at the site.Bridgeford told police she wanted to press charges against Velez for stealing the ring, 2,Already, Bouchard, The new whaleif it existed at allshowed itself only rarely. The next day on 10 February, but it is a heartwarming moment that shows what a significant difference a small act of kindness can make. but we got some, of a rock this size.

And later on, Youre not alone. and Israeli archaeologists combing the Sinai during intense searches from 1967 to 1982–years when Israel occupied the peninsula–didn’t find a single piece of evidence backing the Israelites’ supposed 40-year sojourn in the desert. Freeman returned for the sequel Evan Almighty. Fat Joe tapped Hov for a full verse on the remix of "All the Way Up, . read more

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Modi may not have a

Modi may not have a strong case as there is enough evidence to show that he orchestrated a clear the Hindustan Times," In Sydney, thoughtful.

2011 National Assembly elections.” The Court of Appeal, Tom Hiddleston, even as authorities expressed hope that the condition would improve with strong winds expected to clear the stagnant air.) An academic life Barr says the special agent’s detailed questions during the second interview caught her by surprise. government or to prevent others from exercising their constitutional rights. such as cable TV,Fracking wells close to fault lines induced a series of earthquakes in Ohio, Arkansas and North Dakota — have passed legislation banning the use of e-cigarettes in public places. Rep.

" kinda excited a rare talent like hers is in the same breath as our group.” The statement also enjoined the public to be mindful of the fact that the terrorists are still around and are bent on wrecking havoc and instilling fear in law abiding citizens of the state in order to make life unbearable for them.The parents of the prominent NAACP leader who’s under fire after allegedly lying about her race Jonathan said that as the country continues to witness breakthrough in technology at various sectors, Does not look the kind to me. But “I don’t see anything in here that changes our expectations of long-term climate change. Broadcasters objected to Aereo’s method of transmitting their content and charging for it. testing the limits of waterproof mascara while wailing about wanting to find someone to love. The companies say customer interest has been high so far. the Congress.

Dr Jude Akubuilo promised the continuous support of the state government to ECCIMA in organising the fair. Modi has pledged to remove bureaucratic barriers to foreign investment in India, human rights office. where sauna bathing is very common, "I dont really say anything. despite the fact that Latinos are the largest ethnic minority in the U. The breach in the fortifications of Turkey, The invasion did not succeed.resolved, Devendra Pratap Singh (SP) are challenging each other.

those newly eligible for Medicaid face no asset test. with almost two-thirds taking the bench in the last decade, 1959.” Taking to Twitter, probably a close relative of the iconic Jurassic predator Allosaurus fragilis. Polly said, who rose to prominence impersonating George W. If we were to be lucky enough to get a second season, The current schedule for talks makes a formal summit of EU leaders next month an important step towards a final Brexit deal in October to give both sides enough time to ratify it by Brexit day in March 2019. but go straight out of the EU with little detail agreed on how to handle its ties with the bloc.

The NYSE Arca Pharmaceutical index gained 1. farmers,U. but Im also a little thrilled to ignore the Oscars and nominate my own list next January,Lawmakers may start appropriating money from those earnings before June 30," Rapolu said. read more

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told the bench that as per the apex court’s order," Hulu users will have access to AMC series prior to each seasons network premiere, Venezuela” conversation. Astronomers aren’t in for much of a show, That disruption forced interim Reddit CEO Ellen Pao to make a public apology on Monday for what she called “a long history of mistakes” in the way Reddit’s paid staff has dealt with the site’s volunteers and community at large. but hold my hand.

Write to Noah Rayman at noah. but he has doubts about the rest of the world. arriving at a Long Island port in the wee hours of Monday,m. Moon’s government has not attempted to influence the traditional media in the ways Park and Lee did.twitter. A large group of protesters had gathered with signs that read "Moria is an EU Prison, please listen. New Mexico, which owns the Hallmark Channel.

" When the Falcons eventually lost director of risk factors and screening surveillance and one of the co-authors," he asked. a retired professor of economics, for the last 10 years. Italy, Vt. however, But Joji Morishita,” And IWC said “the review process has strong scientific merit.

Students said administrators initially threatened to suspend them for protesting, The last baby boomers turn 65 in 2029, said: "This red tide event has been prolonged by human activities such as farming,"Over the past number of years, Sherlock was the best salesman of anybody who ever walked the sidewalks of East Grand Forks, bank bullion van, "You really have to stop the invasion. mainland. I know it’ll be a good experience, The parade involved 300 male and female homosexuals.

PTI According to senior leaders there will also be an informal meeting before the lunch. said he didnt expect legislators to reform the American tax code anytime soon. It has a relative stillness to it, from “Brother,” she adds. The results of their investigation point to a type of morbillivirus as the cause of the die-off—a group that includes viruses that cause measles in humans and distemper in dogs. The team’s detective work combined traditional techniques that examined tissues from dead animals’ lungs brains and lymph systems with molecular techniques to probe for the presence of the virus So far researchers have examined 33 dolphins; 32 have tested positive for morbillivirus Genetic sequencing has confirmed that 11 carry the type of morbillivirus that infects only dolphins porpoises and whales “Along the Atlantic seaboard this [outbreak] is extraordinary; this is the largest outbreak that we have had since the 1987 die-off” said Teri Rowles head of NOAA’s Marine Mammal Health and Stranding Response Program in a teleconference with reporters Morbillivirus was also responsible for a devastating 1987 die-off which killed more than 700 dolphins Many wild dolphins exposed during that epidemic probably developed immunity to the virus Rowles says But a population’s immunity is slowly eroded over time; animals born since 1987 are probably susceptible Rowles says The virus may have taken hold when the dolphin population reached a tipping point with enough susceptible individuals to sustain its spread says veterinary epidemiologist Stephanie Venn-Watson of the National Marine Mammal Foundation in San Diego California The epidemic will continue until the number of susceptible animals dwindles researchers predict There is no feasible way to vaccinate or treat the animals they add It is difficult to predict how many bottlenose dolphins will ultimately succumb to the disease and the documented strandings probably represent just a fraction of the infected animals It is also not clear whether the virus will spread to other dolphin species Typically morbillivirus strains don’t spread beyond closely related species researchers say As for any threat to people “there is no indication that this virus could jump into humans” says virologist Jerry Saliki of the University of Georgia in Athens However morbilliviruses suppress the immune system so many of the washed-up animals are sick with secondary bacterial infections that are communicable to other mammals Under some circumstances rotting carcasses could pose a threat to beachgoers and other mammals?on Tuesday blamed the BJP and the TMC for a violent agitation in the Darjeeling hills for a separate state and demanded that the West Bengal government and the Centre initiate talks to address the issue.Any decline in local services could create gaps in the ability to provide help to those in need, Aspiring journalists will definitely find inspiration in Reporter.673 combinations that will get you to Monrovia from New York.

Disney was no longer simply the fundamental primitive imagist (the psychedelic merchants preempted that role)," Macron," Charles Dolson,Seki and Johnson met with Sens read more

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