WeChat CMS card coupon platform how to solve the problem of the store business

market environment changes, opportunities and challenges coexist. Future traffic will be stored in the next line of the scene, and online, offline, traditional members and the financial system will also become a hot marketing integration. So, in the era of public numbers, how to deal with the challenges of the market, seize market opportunities?

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card vouchers platform, how to solve the problem of 5 stores operating

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with the WeChat marketing market tends to saturation, WeChat public number has soared from the initial dividend to now gradually into a stable development period, WeChat entered the era of public numbers. WeChat ecology has also been absorbed from the initial number of public blind powder marketing, and gradually move toward a deeper level of marketing: around WeChat payment, WeChat card package and membership system depth marketing.

at the same time, the growth of mobile Internet users have seen the ceiling, the demographic dividend disappeared, businesses if you do not take the initiative, will fall into the loss of customers, business difficult to do. However, with the increasing income of residents, the rise of the service sector and the upgrading of the retail industry, the market for businesses to provide new business opportunities.

pig CMS card coupon platform, membership marketing fusion powder, new members, membership transformation, maintenance and management, intelligent checkout etc. several key modules, can help businesses solve less customers, business is bad, repeat, high marketing costs, low efficiency of management, store cashier operation status and financial chaos the problem.

let us from the following points to analyze why the CMS card coupons platform, will become an essential business tool.

1, to solve the store less customers, poor business, store management efficiency is low

pig CMS card coupon platform, has two stores operating nuclear weapons, national distribution clerk talk talk, help businesses shop is full of customers.

shop staff extension: make full use of the store clerk initiative, enthusiasm, the store staff performance appraisal and extension of the new combination. According to the number of new staff, the number of coupons, as well as the amount of consumer spending, the staff assessment and reward.

customers can scan the clerk’s two-dimensional code for membership cards, coupons, payments, playing, etc..

distribution of all the people through the membership card and coupon sharing to determine the relationship between the upper and lower customer distribution. According to the level of distribution, the amount of customer consumption, etc., to carry out the return of the guest reward.

the use of customer extension incentives to stimulate the old with new, not only to expand the store sales and communication channels of goods, to achieve national distribution, but also to guide more consumer spending, improve store profitability.

clerk extension + national distribution of customers, the clerk and the customer into a store brand communication channels, the use of incentives to stimulate the expansion of the customer enthusiasm. This not only brings a lot of new customers to the store, to solve the problem of poor business stores;