SNS to promote a Sunday P588pv3638 experience sharing

webmaster Friends Everyone:

Oh, SNS a week, IP588, pv3638, maybe for you is not what, but for the novice is a growth record, my grades and share my experience here, hoping to get your friend’s encouragement and support, you can bring a little novice inspired, I am very happy


my share of the title is: SNS promotion for a week, IP588, pv3638, you can also because it is very simple, I believe that every friend can do, and do better!



believe that friends are interested in this source.

2 / referral 1156.23 00:06:47 72.17% 16.52%

ha ha, then I would like to share the experience of this source, I hope you can give a little inspiration.

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community is taken by the community to book a domain name for the The Four Books and the Five Classics Pinyin Sishuwujing, after SEO, the website keyword is The Four Books and the Five Classics oh this later, here, first said that the promotion of the new station, we first look at the data.


jump out rate 25.85%

is because before the promotion by nearly a week to add content, we can look at the domain name registration time is 8.11, in 8.18, officially began to promote, I think this is the promotion of the reasons for the success of all, I hope that friends again before the promotion or the first web content perfect. To think books by the community in the face of the user, is Ancient Chinese Literature Search enthusiasts website slogan is the book by Wu Si, slim family enterprises want to travel the world! Love Ancient Chinese Literature Search progress friends, you can send a IP to me, I believe the 25.85% bounce rate won’t let you down.

I think everyone is aware of ways to promote new sites is in front of the QQ group QQ mail forum two did not say what, you know, about 2 / referral 1156.23 00:06:47 72.17%

16.52% this experience!

I use a popular event with the weight of the high site steal traffic from Google: