Dong Jingyi e-commerce platform for the promotion of e-commerce in the food industry

according to the latest statistics, the number of B2C e-commerce website Chinese has more than 4 million, million in the 4 e-commerce sites, more than 70% of the sites are not operating properly, it is expected to realize the enterprise first, it explains what is the problem?

in the 70% poor management of B2C website, not say that they have much difference, the interface is ugly, it is nothing but the website function, all functions of electronic commerce websites are similar, the real decision enterprise e-commerce strategy success or failure, not the site itself the problem, but the business ideas and business operation level the problem.

so I think that the essential difference between us and other Internet companies is that we not only can be made out of the website, more importantly, we will run on the site to give your company the most real help, because we are in Dalian, few have been operating portals, actual combat experience company.

e-commerce platform for food industry mainly to complete the following tasks:

first, enhance the brand image

The establishment of

e-commerce website helps to establish and improve the corporate image, enhance the affinity between enterprises and customers, improve customer service level and customer service efficiency, and greatly improve the information level of enterprise employees.

two, enhance the level of user experience

The electronic commerce website of

enterprise is able to provide online consultation and feedback, to improve the enterprise customer service to a new level, to enhance the ability of enterprise and customer communication, help enterprises faster understanding of customer needs, customers can also from the enterprise e-commerce website quick access pre-sales and service enterprise products to customer service.

three, improve transaction efficiency


electronic commerce website an important goal is to provide online trading services, customers at home for the product browsing, purchase intention and behavior of product trade and enterprises. For the formation of intercommunication between customers and enterprises and internal office automation, and ultimately build a firm foundation for e-commerce.

four, optimize resource allocation

seize the opportunity to implement e-business, can change the human resource informatization construction, enterprise product sales and customer service in the traditional mode of the imbalance in the proportion of excellent reputation and enterprise in the industry in the field of information resources.

in order to achieve the above objectives, we need to do the following things:

first step: choose a good domain name

domain name, the name must be taken seriously, because the domain name once established, can not be easily changed, once the half-way change, the impact is very wide. Generally speaking, the average user believes that a good domain name is a good record of domain names, in fact, this is only part of. What is a good domain name?