Yao Jinbo can not afford to eat rice, Liu Qiang East wages chiefs are going to get through the most

any creator, in his life has created countless garbage. There will never be a successful creator, and only the continuous creation, the creation of a large number of people in order to maximize the probability of success of their own work.

to the later, 58 city account really no money. Yao Jinbo sold a domain name, for hundreds of thousands of people out to pay. The team a few people in a coffee shop next to the meeting, several other people have to go to cry out with Yao Jinbo, say you go, how do I do. I accompany him to eat, he depressed mood, I am sympathetic."

"at the beginning of 2006, I got into the Chinese capital, Liu Qiangdong would come over, that can be put into 1 million yuan, several elder brother wages to hair. Another three months later, again, said it can not melt into the 8 million yuan. We don’t have time to see him."

investors do not have a small number of businesses, but to see people doing their own work and dry, after all, is the two taste. 51 car founder Li Huabing was an investor, witnessed the entrepreneurial process of Yao Jinbo and Liu Qiangdong. When he got the business when he thinks Lei Jun investment, has climbed to the spire, he felt, competent people into things, he will be able to.

can not live up to the trust

look back, many things in my life, in fact, 18 years old that year has been decided.

that year, I admitted to the Department of computer science, Wuhan University. A university, had heard of the Lei, looked at him in an interview in the "computer" on, think this person is very powerful. Soon, he went back to school to give a speech, gave me a few impressions. First, his passion surging. Second, this is the first time I heard a word, called management. Third, and he talked about Microsoft’s competition, said that the next ten years, then a gamble and Microsoft. The applause, that is worthy of our big brother.

later, I asked our classmates, remember this speech Lei Jun said that they do not remember, but I remember very clearly. So, this is called karma. 2011, Lei Jun encouraged me to start, give me 2 million yuan of angel. He is an important man in my life, I cherish this opportunity, not everyone can get Lei Jun investment, or your brother for your investment.

but I may therefore carry a huge emotional baggage, because Lei Jun investment when I say a word. He said, Hua Bing: you know, I think you have the possibility to 90% success, but I can tell you second words, I voted for the entrepreneurs do not have a down.

I do a collection of car products unknown experience

July 2011, Lei Jun investment I. At that time, he had a good relationship with Liu Qin, said that after the good with a little bit of Liu Qin, chat is also good, ready to vote. But then, my side TermSheet and overseas institutions have been doing, but feeling >