Network to the webmaster new garbage strike surge flow method

      network rectification has been carried out for a period of time, this time a lot of illegal sites were sealed. "Tired, sleepy look on customers, customers of the day has gone, we all know some great views of illegal websites, loyalty is very high, today we will take advantage of this is all some rapid accumulation of flow method.

      many illegal website has been blocked after the domain name basically a few days, a lot of visitors rely on search engines to find traces of this website, search to search volume big and small competitiveness, to find such keywords to find flow.

      "XX state" for example, "XX" was blocked, basically two days is a change of the domain name. A webmaster search "XX" in Baidu, the top 3 title has obvious "XX state". Open the web site found that few are fake, but by the "XX state" reputation to cheat flow. This flow is like a pie in the sky to come easy, XX country daily search volume of 1000, while the relevant page is only about 3000, the owners will be a little SEO up.

      the key word brings flow is very simple and also very stable, looking for several such keywords do several garbage station earn money is an easy job to do. And how to find such keywords? The search method is very simple, imagine like this porn site is basically a few days a few days off, then the visitor’s search habits will also change, when the discovery search "XX network" can not find, will turn to search for "XX network address, XX nets the new site" keyword. See here you should know how to find this kind of key word, it is to find the latest address, the latest web site of the relevant keywords. Look, you can find a good thing.

      the dumpster for proper use of the rule of friends, can easily get a lot of traffic Oh, actually there are many method of flow, the younger brother today, I hope you think positive, many more published methods.