Talking about network marketing is not so simple and not so difficult

China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released in January this year, the thirty-third China Internet development statistics report, recently idle down and look at some of the data report. As of December 2013, China’s Internet users reached 618 million, Internet penetration rate of 45.8%. According to the October 1997 release of the first survey report on China’s Internet development statistics show that when the number of Internet users in China was 4 million, the number of sites is only about 1500.

remember that time, every time I use the Internet will be a small notebook to record a variety of web sites.

now, the number of Chinese websites 3 million 200 thousand, no longer a small notebook to record. And network favorites, a search engine, a variety of more convenient and efficient network tools.

just more than and 10 years, China has undergone tremendous changes in the internet. The Internet has long been an important tool to obtain information from the original, the development of information exchange, business development. More and more people have come to realize that the Internet is more than just entertainment.

CNNIC latest statistics show that China’s enterprises to carry out online sales, online procurement ratio was 23.5% and 26.8%, the use of the Internet to carry out marketing activities of the proportion of enterprises is 20.9%. Obviously, as a business application, there is still much room for enterprise network marketing.

‘s 28 law of magic, the marketing of the Internet seems destined to be a few people play the game, because it contains the energy is too strong. I have served a number of industrial products to do business, network marketing to do a good job ROI (return on investment) more than 1000 times, is not a strange thing.

I started in 2003 to help enterprises do network marketing, found that the traditional business in the Internet marketing has appeared two extremes. Especially in the manufacturing industry, on the one hand, large and medium enterprises order enough to disdain to do network marketing; and some small and micro enterprises, because do not understand the network marketing and no professionals, unable to carry out network marketing.

of course, there will be a group of people who dare to eat crabs in every era.

although the explosive growth of information on the Internet, but the information is still serious asymmetry. Some enterprises through the establishment of the website, buy the search engine keywords ranking promotion product information, in order to obtain new customers. I have a lot of traditional business owners, early in the purchase of a large number of key words related products, the occupation of the search engine entrance, access to orders, the rapid completion of wealth accumulation.

everything looks so simple! Spend money to build a website, do search engine rankings increase information exposure, this is the network marketing?

whether or not, this is now the majority of traditional enterprise network marketing status.

network marketing is not so simple

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