Discussion on the operation and promotion of local classification information network


07 years I started to do local classification and information network, we consider this is a small city, operation and promotion expenses can afford their own, start up, program is the Internet to find, and then change the.12 month website officially launched, according to the website domain name Gongyi search classification information network.

The beginning of the promotion of

is difficult, especially in the local city to promote a non entertainment station is difficult, there is no pre website information for local newspapers to collect information posted on its Web site, every collection of ten or twenty, to ensure the authenticity of information, not to online collection. So probably filled with 200 information about the advance enrich website content. The website was formally established, began to promote the operation of.

within a week, the Baidu GG have included the site, GG has been normal, but when it comes to the middle of December, the website keyword optimization excessive, there is also a server line problem (single server dual card dual fiber access problems), leading to the main domain name www.gysou.com not included in Baidu, is not completely until now, there are about a year now, is still the same, there has been no problem ah. GG.


in the user’s mind influence is still very large, so in the K period, a rush to develop the website, do the bidding Baidu, that can let Baidu included, the result is spent 4000 yuan to do the bidding, no change will be Baidu’s mercy. In utter despair, read a lot of articles on the Internet, no find a reasonable explanation. Finally choose to register a domain name of 1 yuan of CN www.gysou.net.cn try holding the mood, pointing to the site. The results in less than 20 days, Baidu included, until now, has been included in the normal side of domain name, the domain name Baidu has no longer included.

well, the domain name does not say, if someone can help solve the domain name included, welcome to point me, thank you very much.

above the pull of a bit far, sorry. Local stations to promote the promotion of the Internet I do not say, we have to talk about the more or say my line to promote the way

classified information station, now too much, especially the program, now there are a lot of very sound, like a man, so a lot of excellent marine, construction of a classified information station, is really very simple. After doing out on my website, we have appeared in a local 5-6 classification information station I want to do, like local classified information station friends and I will encounter this situation. So if you want to break out in many websites must have their own website features, they have failed to learn, can not do things, or at least there should be some difficulty to imitate you..

based on this point, I was on the development of (the city’s Hotel Cafe Internet cafe query system http://s.114.gysou.com), all the information, we went to the scene to take photographs, including relevant information