To the webmaster nets to webmaster nets team a little advice

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Adsense Trading Forum has become a day I have to surf the Internet on the web site, but also the only basic website must be on a daily basis. Say not afraid of jokes, more than my own website time. The experience above, bring me a lot of things I can learn. Adsense transaction brings me wealth, let me a PR3 station in January in the Trading Forum will be able to earn 1000 yuan. We are not as complex as the owner of the transaction as he has a wife and like the outside lover.

I am not just, but with love and need to do a little trading forum moderator forum. These days every day to see the trading forum to change to change. My heart is a bit anxious, afraid of the forum of the chiefs who changed the confused, forget the name of the forum called the trading forum.

is naturally called the Trading Forum, then it should be based on the transaction ah. Perhaps they are in order to increase the popularity and the amount of post made changes. But I want to say: let out of popularity posting to do it, Heyu graph king relationship is not very good. We’re just trading and training. Just do something about the deal. You might say that there is an urgent contraction and too few transactions, and that’s exactly what you’re dealing with. Think of a way to stimulate you to trade, let the webmaster to make money, only you have money; so will increase investment, the market was also active! Increased training efforts, explore the webmaster circle money master, please come out to tell you about. A person is not the ability to make money, have the ability to make everyone rich that is really a rich. Figure Wang, figure Wang team, you should now consider is not just the number of transactions and the number of webmaster website trading. We should pay more attention to quality, pay attention to your promise! The biggest trading forum does currently do the best, the best Wangzhuan center, training center, I do not see, really you do not brag, don’t put the sign light out. Or to learn the popularity of post and post number.

I personally estimate Heyu graph king is a good friend, so it is urgent to figure the king. Behind the recent series of actions have been very successful, figure Wang is a good friend of how he did well. Here is responsible for a few days in charge of the board of the board to buy a few carp soup bowl, ah, ah, ah. Want to know, Adsense nets develop their own expertise, do their own thing. Can’t do it well. Originally webmaster network has solved a lot of grassroots things. So how can a better and more profound solution, and how to cultivate more excellent grassroots is that you should consider more.

I have been unable to understand why webmasters have been just some of the Dede system to do. Network is ahead, but also should be combined with the actual. According to the need to develop a complete set of network transactions. I didn’t see what ability, not satisfied when I fart on the line, according to my personal opinion there are put forward.

1, in front of the webmaster network and Adsense exchange forum integration, especially personal center. The webmaster can bind alone >