Enterprise network marketing positioning what is the company’s network department

with the development of China’s Internet users and the number of network hardware facilities, online shopping, online office is not an imagination. However, although many enterprises have to enter the network marketing idea, but because there is no clear positioning, often appear "money no effect" and "team busy but no orders", and ultimately the company network marketing team disbanded, the boss downhearted no longer believe in network marketing. Old tick that, in fact, is not the problem of network marketing itself, but the company or the boss of the network marketing is not properly positioned.

first, sales and marketing

In fact,

network marketing is not how unreal, it is similar to the marketing line and related. Traditional channels of marketing, generally divided into marketing and sales. The market is the cost, to spend money to promote the brand and promote sales, including television advertising, banner publicity and marketing activities; sales income, purpose and channel as everyone knows, the old no longer hook.

Similar to

, network marketing is also a two role, one is the market is a sales. The official website, the official micro-blog blog, and quiz platform construction, Encyclopedia of construction, is the market behavior, there is no direct effect on the sales network, only the establishment of enterprise reputation and enhance the brand network; and SEM, email marketing, QQ group marketing, marketing website construction, sales related work hard.

of course, the relationship between network marketing work is great, for example, SEM is actually sales related work and reputation to build again, although the construction of Q & a platform is market related work but many people can know in Baidu smart left QQ and customer consultation.

Whether it is Gillette

front hidden "or" Colgate white light ", is the first to start advertising promotion; so is the network marketing, market leading. This is also a lot of money, the main root knot: no effect if the site has not built up, no inquiry platform construction, direct mail marketing began allowing no explanation and SEM, even if the site traffic, also can order and sales due to problems in the website construction is not reasonable, Baidu first 5 pages of information and more positive.

two, network marketing and online retail

What does

‘s network department do? A lot of people think it is to generate orders from the internet. However, online retail is only part of the network marketing. All along, the network marketing, online retail, e-commerce has been confused by many people.

in fact, the above three terms are included in the relationship, that is: e-commerce > network marketing > online retail. Electronic commerce, namely through the computer and the Internet are the traditional business activities, including marketing, also including online office and mobile storage; network marketing, namely through the Internet enterprise reputation construction, brand promotion and marketing; retail network, namely through the network marketing platform (enterprise website or third party B2B/B2C platform implementation) production.