Core secret how to do micro business to make money


all are changing, and a lot of the same, are gradually disappearing. The same is true of micro operators. A year ago, micro business agent in full swing, particularly easy to do, Li Leiting is still talking about a product product agent, several people said to do with me. A year later, micro business recruit agents can’t do anything.

is now the micro business, but also after several times of internal adjustment, what three layers of agents, what micro business platform, what geographical micro business, and even some people began to engage in micro channel marketing.

we are talking about the future of micro business, especially practitioners, is trying to find a way to find a long way, at least a way to survive. However, at present, many people have not found.

everything is changing, but there is always something that is permanent, such as the general laws of nature, so is the marketing.

what are these immutable things?

The core of

marketing is the key point of the sellers, the sellers are in short supply.

is a good understanding of the sellers, the needs of everyone, I provide, then the payment transaction, this is.

what about the short supply?

why the first two years of micro business can have such a rapid burst of speed, the key point is the rise of the mobile Internet, making it easier for people to contact, the exchange of information between the more easily. And one of the human nature is greedy, very fond of money. So to recruit agent model based micro business, the rapid development, we are scrambling to join, for fear of missing the bus.

, however, the market is limited, when all the people to join the micro business, in the recruit agents, there will be no more newcomers to enter, this game will not be able to continue under the chess. Play to the final result is that the last layer of micro business agent is difficult to recruit new agents. So oversupply, and then continue to do it, very very hard.

mentioned some people would like to engage in what three micro agents, and what mechanism micro business platform, mainly want to recruit agents, but agents this market has been oversupply, no matter how hard, also hard to revitalize the market. A person wants to make money through micro business, with a person to do, did not make money, but also with another person to do not make money, he will go with third people do it?

so, recruit agents of this road, is no longer, and should aim at other more meaningful place. Place where the supply is less than.

where is the supply less than demand, such as retail, which is the real product regression.

why is retail for less than the first problem is the market.

said recruit agents, Chinese has ten people, everyone is trying to make money, the users of QQ and WeChat which has five hundred million or six hundred million users, five hundred million or six hundred million, at the age of 18>