Grass eclogite site was attacked, 1024 communities call you up to change the password!

Lei Feng network November 5th news, network transmission 1024 well-known community was attacked last night or lead to user information leakage, including passwords, mailboxes, IP addresses are not spared.

and the user login after the community will receive a handsome high-risk vulnerabilities reminder, the contents mentioned:

grass eclogite community was attacked in 2015.11.4, resulting in member information leakage. At present, the vulnerability has been fixed, but in order to account security, it is recommended to change the password immediately.

in addition, if members of the community have been allergic to PO information, please keep a low profile in the near future, these leaked information may be used by some government departments.

proposed to modify the password, including the mailbox password, conditional replacement of a new mailbox.

grass pomegranate community reminder screenshot is as follows:


micro-blog users said:

CSDN "I can not see as Tuoku millet, Tuoku I also have no, I’m not afraid of the 10086 leaks, I really fear……

"QQ2011, I’m not in a hurry, CSDN I’m not in a hurry, 163 I have no hurry, this time with the hot pot ants."

um. Although I do not know what the small community is doing, but it can look quite greasy appearance. All members must have received notice, to change the password.