A copy of why ten years ago, QQ’s products valued at $3 billion 800 million

Abstract: Slack is an enterprise communication tool, when you are around people in the above exchange, you have to use Slack, and gradually become all-weather concern. Slack data show that the average time per user per day to use Slack even more than 10 hours.


Slack is an enterprise collaborative communication tool, founded more than 2 years.

recently valued at about $3 billion 800 million, is currently one of the best companies to use chat tools.

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be startled at the earliest use of this application,


this is not the QQ group ten years ago? I feel that I missed a few tens of billions of


and six magic found a bunch of people bored with Giphy in Slack (the gallery) bucket map.

yes, still need to call the command line to fight it Providence will not forgive.

built-in Emoji function (corresponding to different code) is also weak burst….

this proves that the Chinese are once again ahead of the United States for ten years on the chart!

today investigation: slack

burst fire enterprise collaboration tool

what is Slack?

Slack is for internal communication, the first is an internal tool, founder of Stewart Butterfield in order to internal staff to jointly develop a network game, they make a improve employee internal collaboration efficiency of software. As a result, the game is yellow and the tool is on fire.

Slack integrates all the information in the work, so as to improve the efficiency of internal collaboration and improve the utilization of information. Slack is also well suited to the needs of flat management, suitable for small team communication.

Company Profile:

company headquarters: San Francisco,

, California

date of establishment: 2013

founder: Serguel Mourachov, Cal Henderson, Eric Costello, Stewart Butterfield

(founder Stewart Butterfield)

official website: http://s.slack.com

oriented platform: Mac, PC, iOS, Android

financing: a total of $540 million, has reached the F round, all first-class investment institutions

microscope to see the product

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