China YAHOO is about to close its products, the world

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             , February 3rd, China YAHOO announced that it will be revoked in February 28th, known as the next generation of Internet business platform, the webmaster world all services. This is the Chinese YAHOO and word of mouth announced the merger of another business since the reduction.

webmaster world is a product launched by YAHOO in December 2007.

according to the official introduction of Internet technology based on the product (vertical search, aggregation, Alipay community credit system, advertising demand matching tools and Ali shopping system) for users to provide free communication and business platform.

June 2008, Ma announced its merger of Chinese YAHOO and word of mouth network. YAHOO, inc.. The new company will develop e-commerce services, community and communications services based on local and whole web search services.

subsequently, China began to reduce the business of YAHOO, which gives up the real name of the network is the most typical 3721.

the following is the full text of the announcement:

thank you for a long time, the webmaster world support. Due to business adjustment, our company will be revoked in 09 years, the world of the webmaster all services, and from now on began to revoke the webmaster world in the entrance of YAHOO site. Please in February 28th 09 before the backup you publish in "all the information released by the webmaster world" when "webmaster world" will no longer retain all the information.

the inconvenience, please understand. Thank you!

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