About 400000 hours of this transaction from the media to try something different

· unit price of up to 6800 yuan membership, in the case of only more than and 400 traffic, less than an hour to clinch a deal of about four hundred thousand.

· Xu Zunjing in planning, the program will eventually one have their own opinions and specific mode of operation, can take control of the transaction, which is also a key point of the next business planning.

· this is a lifelong membership system, after no longer charges, in addition to the members enjoyed watching more targeted content rights, there are two more important interests: proprietary funds trader to try and buy financial products.

January 22nd, Xu Zunjing particularly excited, he is not much of the V from the media in only 470 traffic situations, even more than one hour turnover of 408 thousand yuan, or sell the high price of 6800 yuan a membership.

this is the "static" made the stock market first commercial attempt victories. This is a less than half the stock issuance program in January 22nd, it is actually through Youku channel publishing business plan, is also the first open recruitment membership.

said the stock market may be static Kevin Kay liqueur one thousand fans typical in theory, in the latter view, the content of entrepreneurs need to have one thousand loyal fans, life is not a problem, and a Zunjing with his thousands of fans, verified a realization of the way the content of entrepreneurship.


stock from the mediaIn the static

made the stock market before, Xu Zunjing is an occupation trader who, from the University began to stocks, has been in the ups and downs of the sea shares dip for more than ten years.

June 2015, the sudden crash changed the single identity of Xu Zunjing, although he himself and the team are in the crash before the arrival of the stock high fled, but on the Internet, he saw a large number of investors and households have been seriously affected, or even go bankrupt.

was thinking, is not necessary to share our views on the transaction, to help more people to professional transactions." Xu Zunjing still remember the bottom of his heart, but at that time, he did not know how to achieve this idea. In and around the exchange of friends, it was suggested that he can try to use audio programs, because it is the lowest cost, but also a more intuitive way of communication.

suggested that the man was Lv Zhenxing, who later became one of the silent stock market team’s start-ups. Xu Zunjing, for example, said he had a vague idea, Lv Zhenxing is to draw a roadmap for this idea, which is the origin of the silent stock market.

in the next two months, they are trying different forms of programming, in the end what kind of content is suitable for spread on the network, and the stock investors are really helpful. Exclude >