Yang Haoyong FuPan fair entrepreneurial experience don’t pay attention to competitors Reality is not


technology news May 11th evening news, the seeds of second-hand car straight sell network Hao Yang Chung CEO speech in the entrepreneur innovation activities today China speech, the founder of ganji.com comprehensive FuPan the ganji.com entrepreneurship in the process of "get" and "loss", and strive to share around entrepreneurship competition.

Yang Haoyong said that for some entrepreneurs to promote the "do not focus on competitors" and "the market so much opportunity" do not agree. He believes that the reality is everyone’s business areas of intense competition, "in the current market and your competitors take the number of shares is not much difference, it is important to the rest of 5-10 you take the remaining 90% of the 30%, 40% or 70%, the decision of your future in this industry status and development prospect."

further, Yang Haoyong also believes that an entrepreneur in the establishment of entrepreneurial potential, should put competitors into account, and also cited a fair competition and 58 in the establishment of advertising, brand has great influence on subsequent competition potential.

In addition,

, as a serial entrepreneur, Yang Haoyong also believes that entrepreneurs should be able to use the power of capital, "whether it’s winter or a particularly good time, have the opportunity to throw off competitors to use the power of capital to take you to the next stage. So early to take the money, money is very important to take a lot of money, not bad money, to give the team information, competitive pressure, signal to the capital."

in addition to the entrepreneurial potential, Yang Haoyong also believes that entrepreneurs should have a good sense of rhythm, attention to the BMI index, BMI index is your operating system is not healthy enough, how much is this includes you when a user cost, how much is retained, Zhou Liucun, month retained users in his life cycle give you how much contribution, these things is good after the need to put this fist very fast to play out, and very strong hit out, in the BMI index before doing any promotion is very harmful to the company." (Li Gen)

is the following speech speech Yang Yang (Title added after Sina Technology):

is a lot of entrepreneurs here today, I’m talking about every entrepreneur is concerned about the competition. A lot of people have been talking about a lot of things on different occasions, the first sentence is with his team, said: "we do not pay attention to competitors, we concentrate on their own good".

second sentence may be a lot of people have said, is to say with peers or investors, that is, the market is so large, we have the opportunity, we and our competitors can do well".

in fact, the reality is that everyone in the field of entrepreneurial innovation, change to say very industry, every entrepreneur has just begun, whether it is A, B or even C round round round, may face together accounted for 10% of the market with competitors, as well as 90% of the market there is no get.

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