The importance of site positioning

site positioning is often a word of things, but it is a simple but hard won. In order to this simple sentence, a lot of sites took a long time, go a lot of twists and turns.

site positioning with the site’s target user groups, the market potential and competitors are related, so it is not simple.

web site, we must first solve the two problems: one is the site has no location, two is the site positioning is not appropriate. If a Internet Co can not use a word to summarize what is the web site, so the site is not clear positioning, no clear positioning is not to good, did not want to say on the target user group, the market environment, the competitors do not have a clear understanding of.

site positioning is not necessarily right, located in a highly competitive market or already saturated market, so there is no difference between positioning and positioning.

so, a site should not only have a positioning, but also to have a differentiated positioning. Not for the differentiation and differentiation, but for the needs of the target user group differentiation, in order to differentiate the different market space.

has a clear positioning and appropriate, itself is a kind of competitive advantage, can make detours less than the opponent, the right thing to do more with fewer resources, so it can run faster than competitors, go farther.

from the actual operation, in the process of writing the site planning process, we must first determine and keep in mind the location of the site. Because it is the cornerstone of the next step of Web site design, content planning, operational planning and marketing planning.

first, determine the positioning of the site is not to let the site deviation

Drucker, a master of management at

, said: "people who are mediocre but who know where they want to go will often be able to achieve greater success than those who do not know who they are. The site is the same reason. The site is sure to have a goal, and in order to achieve this goal, we need a site location. Goals determine the location of the site. And the website positioning function is to help the website can achieve the goal, no deviation.

as a web site Chinese goal is to become the largest music site, so that the target site to a position, is the positioning of the site is Chinese field of music, music is to provide services for Chinese users, such as music, music, music downloads, pop music, music reviews, community etc.. Therefore, the website is not able to provide a game, movies, software downloads, news services, such as web site. What if the service is available, users will not know what to do, what if the offer, their front easily stretched. Even this, from the practical operation point of view, is a universal goal, under the different market environment, it may not be a good location, location is not easy, more attention, is not easy to achieve rapid development.

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