Baidu alliance will be carried out on the prohibition of mixed with the text of the special rectific

Baidu alliance members, Hello:

"365- Credit Union to build a blue sky action" in May 2010 to June 2010 will be carried out on the prohibition of "special rectification and the mixed", please refer to the relevant normative content on the prohibition of mixed with the text "specification to explain.

During the special rectification of

will be put in the form of illegal network alliance to promote cooperation in the following special investigation and remediation:

1 in violation of the release of the distance to put:

1.1 in the range of ordinary links within the range of 10 pixels for business;

1.2 at a distance of 20 pixels within the range of the special content delivery business (including but not limited to the special page, navigation links, video playback window, online game loading area);

2 will be disguised as the main body of the alliance: by changing the code to display the color, size, the search results or promotional content disguised as forum posts, news, download links and other text content;

this special rectification will start from the following aspects

1, more detailed understanding of the norms of cooperation you can access the ban on the "mixed with the text of the standard" to explain the query, the majority of members of the initiative to carry out self-examination, to ensure that the standard launch;

2, if there is any violation of business cooperation content, please report to us through the online system to provide us with clues;

3, we will carry out special investigations and irregularities during the rectification.