That’s how we do this

      Moderator: Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon! Now we link this afternoon forum officially began, in recent years, local resources are slowly entering the lucrative field, capital is vulnerable to international capital markets and the strange, the lack of talent and can prevent their galloping pace, rely on market opportunities for keen sense of touch, and a thorough understanding of actual conditions of China, widely connections, they take cities and seize territory in the capital market, the formation of a very beautiful scenery in the capital market. This forum will talk about the local capital, to explore how to explore the road of venture capital with Chinese characteristics, so that the yuan and the dollar dance.

      first we have the first session of the forum chairman CEO Mr. Jian Biao red Ding venture capital, I believe everyone through their conversation, there must be a lot of harvest, we enter the second forum link – industry website next, All flowers bloom together. new mode and new community, the development of the industry Web site is break through the traditional "member + advertisement" profit model, industry website is by the information provider service provider transformation, re structure of the industry chain industry website is a new view, profit model innovation, service innovation, innovative marketing mode, the innovation of the supply chain, is the traditional industry to bring new website activity. Industry website is being ushered in the spring of this forum All flowers bloom together., will focus on the new model, the new community industry website, explore new ideas, find new way. Next, let us welcome the chairman of the forum link, Kai Bo network president Mr. He Yibing, also participated in the discussion part of entrepreneurs and Bookuu network executive, Ms. Ji Aiping, President of Mr. Jiang Weihua in Hong technology, digital China network president Mr. Wu Jun, Mr. Dai Weizhong, President of the plastic in the online clothing purchase, Chinese President Mr. Chen Yong, Yiwu global network president Mr. Liu Weiliang, welcome guests, then we have presided over this session please Qibo network president, Mr. He Yibing.

      heyibing: I am very pleased to be able to host this link, I think this is because we link investment and development, but the industry website, until the phenomenon that the real time to belong to our industry website address, Sun Deliang Guo Fansheng, in front of them, they were anxious to do martial arts champion, so they so, I suggest you half to listen, don’t listen to half. Some investors, the so-called venture capitalists, so I suggest you listen to the same half half, don’t listen to, because they want to do is to make money, this is right, but I agree with a very general said, is now the project is king of the times, we had plenty of money, but a good project very little, as long as we grasp the development and innovation in the industry of theme, the industry really well, is that they come to your question.

      industry website, in my opinion, I do e-commerce for more than ten years, I think the most important problem, one is innovation, second >