Novice webmaster do GG advertising also want to understand.

      Google AdSense, a collection of advertising checks received the whole process of many personal webmaster in website launched Google AdSense, Google as a large Internet company’s reputation is guaranteed, as long as you’re not cheating, generally it can receive a cheque.

      here in detail the whole process of acceptance of the Google AdSense checks, to put a little bit of experience in the use of their advertising experience, hope to be useful to some friends.

      first to the Google AdSense application, add their own web site advertising bar code, these do not say.

      when your Google AdSense account the amount of $50, Google will send a copy of the code contains the PIN mail to you to confirm your email address is correct only in its website you enter the correct corresponding PIN code, and the account balance of $100 later, Google will send you a formal check.

      note: only the first time will send a PIN code confirmation letter, after confirming the correct address, as long as it meets the monthly payment of the request to send a check directly, rather than before each payment is issued.

      after the account over $50, will prompt confirmation letter has been issued PIN code in Google AdSense account, usually within a month can receive, if a month has not received, can apply for the retransmission of mail.

      in recognition of the PIN code, and the account balance of $100, when the end of the month, Google will give you the PIN code confirmation address automatically send a check, takes about 20 days, the big city speed up. Also after a month did not receive, can also apply for retransmission.

      check after receipt, ID cards and checks, and then change a bit (a basic fee of 30, if the amount of the check that there will be more points), to China bank clean collection. (of course, some other banks also have this business, you can ask)

      the procedure is simple, China directly to the bank counter, telling him "the check collection", he will confirm your identity card identity, and then let you sign, leave a phone number, everything is OK.