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two days before the news on a hot search: China will no longer be the principle of building residential areas closed.


Service management platform

interview this "Internet plus property", I asked the orange life founder Huang Qin: "if really implemented, how to do

orange life?"

he said that as long as the property is still the main body, orange life will not be affected.

look from the App side, orange and other community life products are not much difference, covering services including property contributions, property warranty, housekeeping, community activities, shopping, etc..

is different, orange life is currently being acquired or absorbed by way of self built a number of property companies, received orders, will be completed by the property company to complete or deployment. At the same time, except for a public module, authentication for the owners of a residential users, orange life will take the initiative to push the bill and other services, the owners can make online payment, and will receive regular moon fine etc..

currently, orange life mainly covers Xiamen, Fuzhou, Quanzhou, the next step will be extended to Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangdong and Zhejiang.


orange life App screenshot

self built property company

Huang Qin of entrepreneur said, originally wanted to create for all the orange life property company of the SaaS platform, but later found that the property industry for more than ten years of barbaric growth, the property companies are not easy to get everything open.

October 2015, orange life to get Pre-A round of financing, the investment is a few real estate companies are unwilling to disclose. Entrepreneurship also learned that in April this year, orange life is likely to release a new round of mergers and acquisitions.

Huang Qin said that this year will build a number of orange life property, the property management in these areas to create high-quality services. Only put on the App property payment, property warranty, housekeeping, community activities and other functions, as if there is no core, the industry is not the main electricity supplier, but the property services products."

Huang Qin believes that if the property service products only online, it becomes very like 58 city, the property itself is not involved, so the internal property of digital information, in order to produce interactive.

for example, the owners can score and rating of the property staff through the service, KPI assessment can also be according to the orders of property personnel, so as to bring traffic to the front end of the service, and then to access more services, such as housekeeping, errands service, maintenance, catering, taxi, chef home etc..

we usually live in the area have watered down the concept of service, we also default to live in the district will have to pay property costs, and orange life to do, is to let things