The process of the development of the industry website

      recently on the industry website is becoming more and more interested in, from the view of the development trend of the Internet, the birth of industry website is imperative, like blogs, podcasts, Witkey; from another perspective, the birth of industry website will be a lot of traditional industries into the development of electronic commerce in the fast lane, through the Internet, traditional industries will be quicker to get more information, more user groups etc..

      when I chat with some friends recently, ask the industry Web site taking VC easy, a friend told me if you want to find VC, it must be clear, that is where you come from, where to go, that is to say to your industry website development process, development the trend must be very clear, otherwise VC will think you do not understand, even for a long time is "dizzy or blind touch for years".

      because I’m going to invest in our company, we have to figure it out. Our company is the site of the building materials industry, reputation is not lack of you, about one hundred degrees "Chinese first net materials placed in the headlines is that we do not lack; 200 thousand of the traffic flow, on the big brother Liu Huafang said many; not lack of line of products and services from the station to advertising to members or business Goods are available in all varieties.. Chat software has also no shortage of users…… So in the face of VC, in addition to confidently introduce yourself, I’m afraid to explain their understanding of the process of the development of the industry Web site.

      I thought about the night, feel like to do a website, must go through the following process:

      one, rooted in the traditional industry for several years, lay the groundwork for the foundation.

      electronic commerce is the carrier of traditional industries and the Internet industry combination, industry website is even more so, a deep understanding of traditional industries, people don’t want to play electronic commerce, so you must grasp the characteristics of traditional industries, businesses what’s like etc.. It is the trading industry website on the network, there is no essential difference in other aspects. Therefore, we must understand the needs of businesses through this step.

      two, improve the information release platform

      after the foundation is good, you can start the station. One of the most important services industry website is the transfer of industry information, the station at the beginning of the first task is to improve the information publishing platform, to allow businesses to obtain the latest information in a timely manner on your website, can also be appropriate to add some advertising to attract businesses.

      three, perfect website service platform