Four men using CSDN leaked information stolen money account business arrested

last year, well-known programmer website CSDN database is black, more than 600 user data leakage. Intentional use of data test out of an electronic mall hundreds of users account password, stolen account money shopping. Recently, the Haidian Public Security Bureau in conjunction with the Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps cracked the case, four suspects were arrested.

December 2011, Haidian police received a report said the electronic mall, user account of the stolen property. Haidian police in conjunction with the Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps task force investigation.

the police investigation that the suspect uses the CSDN website user information leakage, try out the same username and password in the electronic mall, using the account balance or electronic coupon shopping mall, and the goods sent to the field.

then, the task force sent to Guangdong and Hunan and other places of investigation, eventually locked the suspect. In March 16th this year, the task force in Guangdong, Hunan, both at the same time attack, the suspect Chen and other four arrested.

suspects confessed that, taking into account the majority of Internet users to facilitate memory, will register the same user name and password in different sites.

CSDN leaks, they use the same search through the database username registered in an electronic mall on account, found, account and password, the account in money in the electronic shopping mall, sent to Guangdong and Hunan, then buy goods sold.

it is understood that the gang embezzled hundreds of user account balances and coupons totaling more than 30 yuan, illegal profit of more than 8 yuan. Police recovered a total loss of more than 20 yuan of other users of the mall property.

currently, Chen and other four people have been detained in Haidian branch.