The shoe business electricity supplier but Xuhang walk step by step Rushan

had known three years, thousands of years of wealth.

grasp of the future, we can seize the opportunity to make fewer mistakes. In accepting the "world network operators · managers" interview, Wang Dongzhu and Xu Songmao said that the current electricity market environment, they are in a few years ago had predicted. So they are ready for the day.

Fujian, this piece of the birth of a number of commercial legends of the land, has always been the lack of commercial sense of smell sensitive businessmen. Electronic commerce was born, will pay close attention to their.

but the Taiwanese electricity supplier is a very low-key group, they have not been able to appear in the spotlight, and some companies even deliberately out of public view. This time, the electricity supplier to the footwear industry as an opportunity, we have the opportunity to approach these companies to explore the story behind them.

shoe warehouse: planning ten years of business model

shoes warehouse founder Xu Songmao is a traditional corporate origin. He began to make shoes from 1990, 1994 involved in foreign trade and has continued to date. At present, its foreign trade business exports to Europe and the United States each year up to 20 million pairs of shoes, is China’s largest footwear export enterprises.

retail has always been a dream of Xu Songmao. Do foreign trade, the company’s foreign trade orders are ordered by Buyer. In his view, Buyer is a great man, because these orders so that a lot of people to make money, to create value. The dream of retailing takes root.

according to the smile curve theory, manufacturing is the lowest value of a link in the industrial chain, the added value of the retail sector is often higher. After the development of the manufacturing industry to a certain stage, there is a driving force for the transfer of high value-added.

eventually contributed to the creation of a shoe warehouse Xu Songmao an accidental factor is the 2008 financial crisis. On the one hand, the financial crisis to the company’s foreign trade business suffered a bottleneck. On the other hand, when the domestic sports apparel industry inventory backlog serious.

upstream brands have the demand for inventory, the downstream consumers are also eager to cheap affordable, so, as the online Outlets, the name of the bank came into being, with a substantial discount sales of seasonal commodities.

, however, from the beginning of this year, the shoe store also began selling new season. Xu Songmao said that the current shoe store new products and retail sales accounted for half. New product sales growth.

in the abandoned outlets of this model, and what is the library name shoes


" is a platform for shoes." This is the answer given by Xu Songmao. But this platform is different from Taobao, Jingdong. Taobao, Jingdong is a platform for the flow of people, and through the sharing of passenger flow, the platform for businesses to take orders. The name of the library is a product platform. Flow platform docking shoe library after the equivalent of a one-time introduction of dozens of footwear brands, and the brand through docking >