SASAC expert P2P car rental model will replace the traditional mode

financial weekly trainee reporter Wu Xuguang / Beijing reported

War Within Three Kingdoms

car rental industry, has sounded the drums.

May 20th, China auto rental once again embarked on the journey. Although the business model of a money burning, China auto rental still submitted to the HKEx listing application. According to its prospectus shows that 70% of the proceeds will be used to finance the purchase of vehicles.

heavy capital model, the size of the enterprise can be large, gross profit is relatively rich. In the first quarter of this year, China auto rental net profit of 163 million yuan, an increase of 300%, while in recent years, operating income CAGR of up to 81.6%.

but behind a series of glamorous figure is hidden the huge pressure of capital borrowing, if coupled with the depreciation rate of its own vehicles, once the company funds strand breaks, will lead China auto rental difficult.

however, with such a large car rental companies rely on traditional staking operation mode of the burn, regardless of the cost, the moment, the car rental industry is quietly changing. At present, three of the world car industry in China auto rental, and a car as the representative of the traditional school, and treasure to PP car driving car light as the representative of the capital P2P, and easy to wet lease cars sent.

"in the next 5 to 10 years, will the traditional car rental model in China, as the representative of a hi was replaced by the P2P car model." SASAC business technology quality center researcher Luo Tianhao financial weekly newspaper reporter said that with the rise of e-commerce, not just the car rental industry, the entire service industry will be subverted.

car rental industry three minutes

car rental industry in China is not a long time, is still in its infancy, and the formation of decades of foreign mature car rental market compared to its huge development space.


, the development of the domestic car industry basically is the mode of operation of China auto rental, a car rental hi capital. And these two years is gradually showing a light capital operation mode of trial, respectively, easy to car and P2P car rental model.

if the Chinese car rental compared to the ‘2 generation fighter’, then the car is more likely to be like the ‘2.5 generation fighter’, and P2P car rental is more advanced ‘the 3 generation fighter’." Luo Tianhao financial weekly newspaper reporter for example, compared with the Chinese car rental, easy to use a car belonging to the asset light model.

, however, the car is easy to drive this car rental is more like a passenger service industry, it is more under the line of small taxi companies to integrate together. While the P2P market is facing a strong community platform, so in terms of price or the source of the breadth of the car, P2P car should be even better." Luo Tianhao supplement.

yes, PP car, friends of the friends of the car, treasure drive car by P2P community sharing mode of operation of the private car rental companies are asset light in the whole car industry by storm in the eyes.