Taobao store positioning analysis!

‘s famous positioning theory tells us that positioning is a very important topic. Accurate positioning allows you to quickly stand out and quickly stand firm.

this theory is used to do on Taobao, but also the same.

do Taobao, do electricity supplier, there is no accurate positioning, most of the results will be miserable.

so what should be done to locate Taobao Amoy blue ocean according to our more than 5 years of actual combat experience for Taobao to analyze this problem.

Taobao positioning, it is necessary to distinguish clearly from what aspects of positioning. Positioning of the dimensions of the more likely to lead us to locate the ambiguity, the final positioning can not play a role in reverse; so, we set out a few key positioning patterns for your reference.

1, from the customer price positioning.

this positioning method is very simple, is that my shop is to make money, or through the high customer price to make money. If your products are more popular, and more intense competition, the customer is the pursuit of cost-effective, so suggest you go Amoy blue ocean; if you are having a specific property, has a certain value can shape, you can raise the price, the customer will pay for your uniqueness.

do not want the product itself is very good but the price is very low.


as shown above, the "Herbal Mask" of such a category, in front of several prominent packaging, naturally a little higher priced C shop; highlight the price behind, so the price is not very high, but the amount is very large. This is typical of the popularity of the product to go. Of course, the profits of the product is considerable.

if you encounter a similar situation, and you still C points, but the mall fight, then the price positioning to differentiate, is a good choice.

2, according to your own expertise to locate

this is good at including some of the skills you are good at, the specific advantages of a particular industry, such as only your local local specialty.

here we speak in a simple case, blue ocean Amoy before a customer, do is stone of this type of product, we all know that there is a strong regional attribute of stone, so he has a unique advantage, regardless of the price, channels, logistics, and even the professional degree has obvious advantages.

here I would like to mention another example is that we often eat peanut oil.

now many people do not eat the kind of packaged finished supermarket peanut oil, but to eat natural peanut oil in rural areas, farmers squeeze peanut oil. Because of the strong geographical attributes and the advantages of rural areas, so we need to think about how to locate.


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