07 review who earned steady Who earned it

Internet companies earnings report came to an end, the champions have been released. Leave before blowing, who is the most profitable, most digital who will make money, know the answer.

one, from the entire Internet Environment:

overall profitability significantly enhanced

2006 TOP10 Internet companies, to achieve 13 billion 582 million of revenue, a profit of $4 billion 293 million, net profit margin of up to 31.6% in the year to 2007, the corresponding figures for the number of 19 billion 687 million, 8 billion 634 million. Net profit margin rose by 12 percentage points, significantly enhance the profitability of the Internet industry, at least for TOP10, making money seems to be easier.

earnings more dependent on online games

compared with 06 years, 07 years TOP10 the amount of profit growth of 4 billion 341 million, of which online business growth accounted for 2 billion 168 million, with a half; considering the online business in TOP10 revenue total revenue ratio is less than 40%, the profitability of the Internet, Chinese is more dependent on the network game.

two, from a single Internet companies:

earn steady: Tencent, Sohu, Ctrip

Tencent: Tencent business can be said to be the most, it is also the most profitable sector, a fuselage two wings. More is not necessarily good, but the risk will be relatively high, the east does not shine bright in the west, not too much volatility. If the income decline, which day Tencent don’t ask, industry is certainly a aihong.

Tencent revenue composition: online advertising (12.9%) + Internet value-added services () + Mobile and telecom value-added services (+ 21.1%) + other

Sohu: why Sohu, rather than Sina, because sina is another sector of value-added services, Sohu’s online games. Sina’s value-added services is to pull down the overall profitability of sina; Sohu’s online game is to raise the overall profitability of Sohu. Based on the advertising, the remaining energy to make money doing what, this is a good way to win in the stable.

Sina revenue composition: online advertising (68.6%) + mobile value-added (+ 28.6%) + other

Sohu revenue composition: online advertising (63.1%) + online games (+ 22.3%) + other

: Xie Wen teacher is respected on Ctrip Ctrip, it is listed as one of the three greatest Internet companies Chinese (the other two are Tencent and Baidu), Ctrip’s growth performance is very stable, and the competition is somewhat good-for-nothing feeling.

earn too stable: Turtle step NetEase

4%, 2%, are embarrassed to say that this is the growth of CPI have gone up how much ah. However, the language of chess has a tortoise, although slow, but thick. Out of the most profitable Internet companies