Olympic partners have used CN domain name

day before the Olympic global partner have used CN domain name to Olympic sponsoring enterprises by using the CN domain name has become the mainstream of enterprise application Chinese.

it is understood that the current 57 Olympic sponsorship companies, a total of 47 CN domain names, the overall utilization rate of up to 82.5%. Among them, 12 global partners and partners in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in the, the use of CN domain names reached 100%.

in fact, the application of the Olympic partners is not the case, but the typical application of CN domain name. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games site will be the end of last year, the site will be the main domain name changed from beijing2008.com to beijing2008.cn, creating a precedent for the use of one hundred years of Olympic history domain name. And the official website of the Olympic Games, the same as the use of CN domain names of the Olympic Games, as well as the country’s 810 thousand sites.

industry experts said that this is the inevitable result of the development of the Internet and the national domain name to a certain extent. The number of countries in the world’s top domain name of the German.DE domain name, the development trajectory and the same. From 1999 to 2001, the number of domain names from.DE million surged to 5 million 100 thousand, the final ranking first in the world. China far exceeds the number of Internet users in Germany, the national domain from quantitative to qualitative development is inevitable.

The German

domain name registration authority on behalf of the CEO Andreas · Perth said, "after the accumulation to a certain stage of registration, as the base increases, affecting enterprises and Internet application trend, the national top-level domain will appear a more rapid growth." With the rapid growth of China’s CN domain name registration, the application of CN domain name will be in the form of a healthy development.