Wanda Tencent Baidu to watch Ali O2O short board

Strategic cooperation

Wanda and Baidu, Tencent has been finalized ——8 on Sept. 29, Wanda Group, Baidu, Tencent strategic cooperation signing ceremony held in Shenzhen, announced jointly funded Wanda e-commerce company incorporated in Hongkong. It is reported that Wanda electricity supplier plans to invest 5 billion yuan a year, Wanda Group holds a 70% stake in Baidu, Tencent each holds a stake of 15%. This is known to build the world’s largest electricity supplier company O2O cooperation caused widespread concern in the industry, the three giants want to know, what will be what to do Wanda electricity supplier? Wanda electricity supplier in the future will become another giant in the field of Internet


Baidu and Tencent in cooperation will play what role?

is well known, Wanda Group is the world’s leading real estate enterprises, China’s largest cultural tourism enterprises, the world’s largest cinema line operators. Some analysts expect that in 2014 to Wanda Plaza, hotels, resorts consumers will be more than 1 billion 500 million passengers, there is no doubt that Wanda has become the largest consumer platform under the line. However, such a line on the Big Mac but rarely as. In the rapid development of the network economy today, Wanda is fully aware of the importance of the Internet to enhance the overall competitiveness of the network, so it was chosen and Baidu reached a strategic cooperation.

then Baidu and Tencent in cooperation will play what role? Chinese Baidu as the world’s largest search engine, has the world’s leading technology strength and the most extensive large data platform, is the largest China Internet entrance requirements, applications and services is also the largest distribution platform, in response to search requests per day more than 6 billion times, LBS positioning service month are PV more than 10 billion times a day. Tencent has the largest user, the highest number of active Internet products, as of June 30, 2014, its instant messaging service QQ monthly active accounts reached 829 million. So, Wanda, Baidu and Tencent means a huge amount of resources and users.

specific to the business level, Baidu’s many products, such as Baidu mobile search and Baidu maps two super APP Wanda electricity supplier will bring great help. Among them, Baidu mobile search with more than 70% of the market share in the field of mobile search, Wanda electricity supplier can bring more users and traffic, and promote the electricity supplier to better carry out the business in the mobile terminal. Baidu maps will be in LBS, O2O and other levels to provide support for Wanda electricity supplier, in fact, today’s Baidu map not only provides basic map and navigation services, but also provide hotel reservations, buy movie tickets and other life service, this service can and Wanda line service combination.

As for the

Tencent, WeChat is a leading role in the future, WeChat will now Tencent is constantly bigger and stronger, its purpose is to let WeChat single out the role of instant messaging, a larger life service platform, the Wanda electricity supplier concerned, is also an important position.