WeChat announced plans to promote the wisdom of life in the traditional industry mobile nternet tra

[Abstract] WeChat taxi, WeChat pay electricity bills, WeChat shopping, WeChat medical, WeChat hotels and other cases on behalf of the wisdom of life.

Tencent science and technology news on August 28th, WeChat officially announced the payment of WeChat smart life industry wide solutions. Specifically reflected in the WeChat public + WeChat payment based, to help traditional industries will be the original business model transplanted to WeChat platform.

WeChat provides closed-loop mobile Internet business solutions, including those relating to the service capacity of mobile providers entrance, user identification, data analysis, payment and settlement, customer relationship maintenance, customer service service and promotion of social rights, etc.. It also indicates that WeChat once again increase the pace of commercialization, the ability to provide connectivity for partners, boost the transformation of mobile Internet business model business users.

by providing partners with the ability to connect everything, WeChat is forming a new smart lifestyle. It has penetrated into the following traditional industries, such as WeChat taxi, WeChat pay electricity bills, WeChat shopping, WeChat medical, WeChat hotels. For medical, hotel, retail, department stores, restaurants, ticketing, courier, universities, electricity providers, people’s livelihood and other industries to provide a standard solution.

WeChat relevant person in charge of WeChat open class Beijing Railway Station scene, said the future will be based on the needs of different industries to provide the full process of business connection capabilities, extend the wisdom of WeChat ecosystem.

three great wisdom to boost industry upgrading

faced with rising labor costs, lower profit margins, business models, such as the plight of the lag, the traditional industry is hoping to find a profit through the mobile Internet era broken program. WeChat Smart Life solution integration capabilities are mainly embodied in the following three aspects:

wisdom ability: mobile internet. To the public account for the entrance, through a variety of open interfaces and WeChat pay to achieve the original business model business information. Online payment industry, the key nodes in the loop leveraging business through WeChat, helping businesses precipitation sustainable maintenance of client resources, achieve out touch up.

intelligence ability two: data. Customer orders, product sales, stocking inventory, supply replenishment, logistics and distribution, membership information, account funds, payments and other data to help businesses reduce manpower. Through the systematic collection of user consumption habits and preferences, customer satisfaction and other data, generate business trends, to help businesses find new breakthrough and growth points.

intelligence ability three: socialization. Public numbers can be analyzed on the user data, combing, for a specific user group to push their needs of commodity information, service content, information feedback, precision marketing, customer service optimization. Users in the circle of friends to share the goods or services, the formation of a word of mouth marketing model, bringing new customer growth, enhance customer loyalty.

to sum up, WeChat branch