Liu Xiaodong vertical website increasingly difficult to copy

, the Internet boom, if the basic social moral bottom line, the value of the bottom line, this is the most terrible." CBSi senior vice president of Chinese District Mr. Liu Xiaodong, 24, was invited to participate in the "Longmen IT" array "with the participants to do under the new environment of vertical sites of opportunity and challenge" to share, talked about some of the changes of the Internet in 2010 and expressed their own views.

over the past year, the country’s 23 ministries issued a number of laws on the Internet on the 60. When someone shouted "iron house era", said the restriction of innovation, there are a lot of people with a clear mind and vision of this argument is very disagree. Mr. Liu Xiaodong is one of them.

Liu Xiaodong said: 60 too little, the future hope that the national policy system more." The reason is very simple, because Mr. Liu Xiaodong saw no matter, not behind the terrible side strict also aware of the consequences of this, only the normal order of the Internet have a very adverse impact. "The new site to enter the industry, in order to quickly host, malicious to engage in some public relations events, in fact, the greatest damage." Mr Liu Xiaodong’s admission.

in the appeal and support of normative order at the same time, Liu Xiaodong said: "in the sharing of the Internet began to slowly think Internet Co how to make money, rather than Internet Co how to attract the eye, this is a good phenomenon." At the same time, Liu Xiaodong believes that the era of rapid development of the Internet really come.

, we are increasingly aware of the recent users of the company, its commercial value is undervalued, we slowly digging in this opportunity." Therefore, in the earlier Mr Liu Xiaodong took the lead in the message: "vertical Internet value far undervalued".


CBSi senior vice president of China, Mr. Liu Xiaodong attended the 24 IT Longmen array

Mr. Liu Xiaodong tells the story of the three challenges facing the Internet: the first is the challenge of the Internet industry; the second is the challenge of fragmentation of user needs; the third is the challenge of goals and management. Mr Liu Xiaodong said: "the winner takes all time, not only out of the industry first".

, with the increasing demand for smaller users, the direct performance of the Internet industry as a whole is becoming more mature." In response to this challenge, Mr Liu Xiaodong made it clear that "we think it is a profession." , including you with some of the other big oligarchs cooperation, including the reason why the user chose you, it must be because of your professional temperament, you can provide the content and services are the most professional."

"maintain a cooperative attitude, adhere to the professional and cultural persistence." This is Mr. Liu Xiaodong given the current three major challenges to the Internet approach.


Liu Xiaodong said in the sharing: vertical web site more difficult