Summed up the B2C station six new boss the most common mistakes

, find a like-minded business partner.

business partners are two kinds of identity for Entrepreneurs: equal business partners, CEO and general manager or similar subordinate, but whether it is the kind of identity, a business partner to the success of the company are the most critical factors, from general habits, good is their own business partners is the most talked brothers, have the same hobbies, the same work style of the people and their own, so together can make an effort to, work efficiency is high.

my view:

I have experienced the majority of entrepreneurs can be divided into two categories, one is the thick lines, seize the good points of the development of the company, but do not pay attention to details and data management, two is a perfectionist, pay attention to the details and steps of management, but often because of too much attention to details and ignore some of the more important things. Obviously, if your partner and you are the first class, the company will lose details. The latter is the company will be too detailed because of the details and ignore the more important development.

so choose business partners, like-minded is not necessarily a good thing.

two, not the site on the shop.

if you want to open an online store, so the most important work is to choose a suitable location, good location can bring plenty of target customers, such as customers, businesses do not need scarce and headache. Do B2C station is also true, for the B2C station, the site is to develop their own publicity plan to ensure that the site is sufficient to have high quality traffic on the line.

my view:

to do the traditional retail industry, no one will not "location" shop, but do B2C station friends often make such mistakes, many new colleagues often ask me "my site do not flow?", which I can only answer "before you shop was doing. "

before you decide to start a business, it is best to have a plan to ensure the quality of the basic web site traffic and visitors, and to analyze whether you plan to invest can be recovered, and then into the water.

three, the first year plan is the monthly sales of 4 million.

many bosses will make plans for their own website, but many bosses plan is a "before the end of the year sales of × × 000" ends, there seem to be a target, but how do these sales over the same period to ah, how much traffic, many orders, to add the number of members, the number of products on the shelves? These questions do not answer them, then your plan is almost impossible to achieve.

my view:

if you carefully calculated the following figures, even if you do not achieve the goal, you will know how to lose.

the goal of a sentence, said easy, but in order to save the calculation of a few numbers, the invalid labor will certainly be greater.