From the experience of business promotion to the website promotion

today signed a relatively large list, thousands of people in the enterprise, to expand the training in several batches. After signing back, suddenly want to sit down and sum up some experience in recent years.

After graduating from

, just arrived in Zhengzhou, floated for a few months, and finally found the first job, is a real CS training company, the company was founded, divided into several groups with us. But due to the lack of experience, I entered the first two months of the company, did not run into a list, also thanks to a new company, and did not let me out of the house.

is very depressed at that time, so the company to more experienced salesman handed two of the box, consult experience, a few days at noon, when we had dinner in front of the company, predecessors only intermittently told me some still I benefited from the experience.

is a call of the skills, this is actually through marketing books can learn. I don’t take any space. The two is to break the tradition, in addition to telemarketing, to make use of today’s people every day to contact the network marketing, if you can hold, then there is a huge market. So I began to study how to promote the Internet, just started to QQ friends to send ads, add to the group inside the advertising, and later we are tired of me, no effect, and even their own collapse.

forced, had no choice but to ask predecessors to ask, the other side of the mouth: go to the local forums to expand their contacts. I hurried back to the Baidu search for a local forum, the forum is relatively large, Shangdu River, ooing, zhengzhou001 and several other forums, the ooing said more than early, so from an empty bubble in these forums.

has been rejected in the QQ group experience. At first, I did not direct advertising, is to continue to participate in the topic, he also created a number of topics, mixed face cooked. I know you all know me, and began to introduce my work. At the beginning, we all know in person, accepted my invitation to participate in a free experience. Because of the proper organization, the first activity was very successful and we had a good time together. After coming back, we also take pictures to share with other places, so that people know me more. Friends of mouth, my business is coming.

but these sites after all difficult to mix, not long before, there are many other peers are also carried out in the same business forum, because the experience is more than mine, they even latecomers become the first, my business began to decline, now think about it, was really worry ah!

but at this time, I found a forum in Zhengzhou that I did not pay attention to ( above, contact me do the activities and friends are on the rise, the original of this forum although no other several forums, but at the same time the competitiveness is much smaller, and by.