How to promote the popularity of SNS dating community to do

in the information age, more and more grassroots like rain like bamboo shoots after germination, happy net with the head, more webmaster to join the SNS community in operation to set up a website is not difficult, but it is difficult to develop a website, SNS is the number of the members to the community, no member, SNS you can’t survive, then our webmaster, how to promote SNS, how to promote, has become a problem, in fact, there are many kinds of promotion methods, today I come to tell you about my way, I hope you love


1 soft Wen marketing

marketing SNS website is currently one of the better way, because SNS itself is a beginning of the promotion of the concept, many outsiders do not know what is SNS, and people in the industry also needs to understand the true meaning of SNS, so marketing is necessary, is the best, because the SNS is currently in communication the concept of stage. Only let people in the network industry to understand SNS, use SNS, and then to the outside world to promote and promote the concept and mode of SNS, SNS website can develop.

2 friends invite marketing

MSN invitations and mail invitations have been used by the web site too much, so many people have sent a special invitation to the SNS site is particularly objectionable. But the mail invitation is really the best marketing method. After all, the invitation is a friend, in the virtual network, the first thing to trust is a friend. Friends invite marketing is a must.

3 word of mouth marketing

is a magic weapon of reputation has been marketing website, SNS is no exception, but there is no SNS website can be used as the reputation of the material, I have never told friends "to domestic registered members". Because there is no need to let me at the recommendation of a friend. Unless I recommend to a friend a registered member, will give me money, I would like to recommend to friends. So the SNS site to the word of mouth marketing, it is necessary to find worthy of everyone’s word of mouth communication materials.

4 content marketing

I wrote the content marketing, but I do not recommend the SNS website content marketing, I am opposed to SNS content marketing, because the content of SNS sites are members of their own consumption, membership, website content is not editing and finishing, nature is the original content, there is no basis for marketing.

5 event marketing or topic marketing

BLOG way to achieve a large number of grassroots, an important reason is because of event marketing, such as Hibiscus JJ, 90 girls, etc.. But the SNS websites have opportunities to create events, but definitely not suitable as a marketing communication means, the first core of SNS website is fully respected members, SNS is a shared and open platform, with members of the SNS website if things to do not fry, but also hurt the members. Let >