Soft, interesting, and full of stories, ideas or useful to allow users to let them go

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our writing, prose, love love, love, love that sentence parallelism total score; but when we do this over to commercial society, or just from the reader’s point of view, this article is just above the most a thankless task.


what do you like, interesting, material, story – specific, useful. What do you call this? Dry cargo parallelism and beautiful gift…… Wet copious and fluent an article written down, with a thousand words, useful and valuable so few words, the rest is the discussion, explanation and proof, unless the view abnormal "offbeat", "the burden of proof by surprise", otherwise no one would want to see this wet da da you write the rain.

what is "interesting"?

I must stress that the "interesting" here is a generalized.

"behind every title of the party has an ugly face, saying" take off me ";" dirty wind prevails, and the prevailing wind ah, the evil wind will spread to the horizon of marketing"…… This text is on the interesting, called professional language style, is actually the author’s character into the text on weekdays to read more deeply than funny fun.

also has an interesting story. The plot is never more like those people, or exciting, or let people help or resentment, people’s thinking, with a story of marketing, but also as most people love to read stories rather than prose argumentative and more love watching television rather than documentary, with the plot of the story also tend to catch marketing the eye.

for example, nongfushanquan "sell a bottle of water to donate a penny", "each drink a bottle of nongfushanquan, you can donate a penny" for the children, this is going to be a story in the most simple way of marketing, rotten.

, for example, "screwed up Chen Yizhou, but in the Internet financial sector, with a triumphant success story of Chen Yizhou, led the to the Internet financial move display.

what is "material"?


I’m sure, LOGO itself has a material……

there is a material, also has a "story", it can be real, actual cases can be the sharing of experience, written mostly in the form of a story showing.

For example,

, A5 marketing, the real case with SEO diagnosis, to professional writing, could solve similar problems stationmaster friends called as pressing danger, material ", also known as the" value "," useful".

what is "insight"?

The most famous is the

, the public, the logic of thinking, even when Luo fat may give you the "sophistry" out, but you.