61 come together to commemorate our lost childhood

we buried in the station, tired after only occasionally look up at the sky.

We focus on

traffic, but ignoring the side of the clock and calendar.

to the webmaster, have just started learning in college, some have been thirty years of age, some are complacent with his or her network have been weary of the dream, just want to work well.

Are non mainstream at the side of the

, a smokey-eye make-up, ion hot, playing idiotic and audition, back when I was young, climbing a tree to catch cicadas, sericulture become moth, playing marbles, beat Western painting, collecting stickers, kicking shuttlecock. The boring time under the illusion of good, gentle white female monitor, but pure thoughts almost know nothing else except in hand.

memory stay in doing homework, the teacher is playing the palm of the day, and now to everyone’s size and age, in addition to the police estimated that no one dared to move.

memories stay at 61, or when the game will be happy, and now at home to do the station, every day, but do not want to go out.

memory to stay in school to pull the door a few cents sugar and popsicles, may now spend several hundred dollars to eat a meal to do not have what feeling.


to 61, caused us to think, not this holiday, but lost youth and childhood laughter, when we open the computer, will focus on whether Baidu included, flow is increased, Google is the money that the site has been linked to horse. We do not have too much time to commemorate their own time, but in the 61 day, still want to commemorate the passing of our childhood.