Blog 10 years of infighting talk about the blog domain that little thing

over the past ten years, the rapid development of the Internet, the Internet all kinds of applications, one after another, some rise, and some die. Sina blog, NetEase blog, Tencent blog, Sohu blog, blog bus, blog China, blog and other melee blog arena, eventually won by Sina blog. What kind of domain name do they have?


final winner: Sina blog

Sina blog enabled is two level domain name Relying on China’s most successful integrated portal Sina, has a wealth of resources and traffic, Sina blog to win a solid foundation.

China’s first blog: blog China

China’s first blog is the blog China, enabled by the English domain name, founded by Fang Xingdong, the godfather of the blog in August 2002, is the birthplace of Chinese blog. After the transformation of the personal blog site for the blog portal, renamed the blog network, enabling creative domain name Domain name can still be accessed, the web page logo is still displayed as blog china.

China’s first Blog hosting service providers: blog bus

blog bus is enabled by the English domain name, is the first commercial operation, the Chinese language blog site to provide fees, reputation in the Chinese blog industry.

domain name to enable the use of a wide range of types, such as pinyin domain name, English domain name, digital domain name and so on, and in the field of blog two domain name has been widely used. Such as Sina blog, NetEase blog, Sohu blog, Tencent blog

The main domain name

Sina, NetEase, Sohu, Tencent was very successful, such as Sina,, China NetEase Sohu belongs to the four major portals, Chinese Tencent is one of the largest Internet integrated service providers. There are a lot of available resources and traffic. So the use of two domain names for these network giants have some benefits.

blog is a bright spot of the Internet, is an important platform for the public to exchange information on the Internet and real life has an important impact. Although the current Sina blog to win, but the Internet is no time on the edge of the start of the morning and evening and can not determine the success or failure of the company, Sina blog should be how to maintain the status quo?

Sina blog uses a two domain name, although the main domain name can rely on a wealth of resources, but it is not convenient for users to enter the domain name