After 80 three returnees entrepreneurial interpretation of the myth of the auto industry to become r

now love more and more people can afford to buy cars, but not many, in fact, as long as a film for the car you can easily put on a gorgeous new clothes "". Car modification ideas also attracted a lot of high-end customers.

to driving a car with a matte orange Lamborghini on the elevated speed? Want to let the body of the ocean style SMART stop at the roadside to attract attention? Recently, Hushang three handsome young returnees start on the road in another way, the introduction of 3M vehicle color film technology to automotive facelift. The reporter visited the mysterious car modification camp that is not only cars, yachts, aircraft can also change clothes in there.

three returnees by "lust" entrepreneurial

in Germany for more than and 10 years, the most attractive is the local shadow Hu developed automobile industry. "I noticed that some of them were very bright and different from the traditional ones." In 2008, Hu shadow engaged in interior and modification of the vintage car in Stuttgart, "at that time gradually into the automotive circle." About a year ago, he had the German film technology is introduced China idea, "China no shortage of the car, but the car was missing " Randy "."

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