Commercial Telecommunications – big data era, the spread of magnifying glass

e-commerce era, want to quickly build their own entrepreneurial platform, we must adapt to the needs of the development of the times, otherwise it will be eliminated by the times. As the authority of the news release service agencies, commercial telecommunications in the continuous improvement of their own strength, help enterprise development.

now, if the departure from the Internet, is bound to be eliminated. The background of Telecom Group is the global Internet Technology Co., ltd.. May 19, 2004, commercial telecommunications platform formally launched. Business telecommunications is an authoritative China for enterprises and institutions to provide services of text, pictures and multimedia news release, has repeatedly been Chinese International Public Relations Association (CIPRA) is set to the specified network news release platform.

ten years, commercial telecommunications proved their strength in action. At the same time, with professional and honest service to win the majority of users alike. In the era of information explosion, the commercial telecommunications agreement show, help enterprise users to achieve effective enterprise value transmission. In addition, through continuous innovation services, but also become a leader in this field.

2015 years, commercial telecommunications has achieved remarkable results. Not long ago, commercial telecommunications was invited to participate in the second world Internet Conference, the exhibition of the light of the internet. In this exhibition, commercial telecommunications users spread over the years the classic onto the screen, and recommended for visitors