How to let the retail store

appropriate profits, to make the customer appreciation, which will be helpful to the business of the shop. However, sometimes it is the owner of profits, but not be able to get consumers to understand a piece of work can not be rewarded, this is to let a lot of operator worries. So, how to let the retail store?

When we

sales in the daily operation of goods often encounter customers bargain, as the retail of our people, to three two per cent profit, and took a lot of customers. Some customers after a few back and forth after the intersection of the language will be happy to accept, business circle full reach. But some customers do not accept you this earnest speech words, but also with momentum pressure, it is a superior "god".

what will be our mood at this time? How to do it? Is a compromise or straightforward answer? Some people say that business people as long as the customer willing to pay even if you cut a little distressed, but as long as there is a profit in the transaction, or a good. I think to see in what circumstances, such as the store business is relatively light, and then to a customer, the customer picky sold 126 yuan of goods, packaged checkout customers would only give 120 yuan, how to explain and explain to the customer in terms of non-staple food would be possible, low profit, 6 yuan none is too much.

the customer insisted that, either 120 yuan turnover or down goods leave, shopkeepers buy goods, customers enter, bargain, this series in the process of the mood will be discounted. But it is not easy to think of a customer, no matter how difficult our customers still endure it, no matter how much profit we still deal, when they eat breakfast in a hot and dry noodles, the business is done in such a reluctant in.

but if the business is very busy, especially in the case of how to deal with such a customer? The shopkeeper smiled in a calm mood to explain to customers get ignored, there are six or seven people waiting outside the customer checkout, or one after another, this time the shopkeeper to customers to buy 126 yuan of goods offered 6 yuan if the requirements of choice?

if I was the owner, in this case, I will refuse the customer’s bargain. The reason is not because business is good and do not care about the customer, only in the case of many people, the profit is not high commodity, if the owner forthright profit 6 yuan, waiting behind the checkout customers think? They must be wondering, how much profit space of this commodity?

owner so generous profits have earned, the next time they pay will certainly require the owner the same generous profits, one by one, it seems busy confused and disoriented hot business bargain so large profit is white work. If the customer refused to recommend in the first customer when the bargain