Make a bowl of cold noodle

summer with, are everywhere on the street hawkers selling snacks, which is loved by people in the summer of fifteen cold noodle, cold noodle can still do not underestimate, bring huge returns for entrepreneurs, the following have a sister is relying on selling cold noodle sold to the national chain.

1998, 38 year old Jia Yafang has been resolutely active duty, only to do the things you want to do.

Xi’an spring winds, just before dawn, Jia Yafang on pedal tricycle take from the flea market to sell 500 yuan to find out the cold noodle house. She go to the market to buy back the necessary cold noodle and bean sprouts, cold noodle wholesale market 50 pounds of cold noodle group. After nonstop to the factory gate, to seize a favorable position, waiting for customers. The first day, remove the cost of 40 yuan, 50 pounds of cold noodle let Jia Yafang netted 20 yuan. The first month, she earned 1100 yuan, a little sweetness to Jia Yafang continue to do the confidence. A few months later, Jia Yafang has thousands of dollars in savings, she wondered how to make the business bigger. After a market investigation, Jia Yafang found that Xi’an is not a cold noodle and steamed to sell cold noodle restaurant. She thought it was a chance.

soon, Jia Yafang in a large flow of clothing wholesale market beside the rented front, opened up both steam and sell the cold noodle cold noodle cold noodle shop. The rent of 2200 yuan plus 5 waiters, a steamed cold noodle master’s wages, the monthly cost of nearly 5000 yuan, which means to sell at least 200 bowls of cold noodle every day. Cold noodle shop opened on the first day sold 160 bowls, second days sold nearly 200 bowls, later will not gone up. Less than two months, a loss of 3000 yuan cold noodle shop, Jia Yafang had to turn off the store.