Take the name easy to mislead the homonym

walking in the high streets and back lanes, homophonic name countless whether to let you ever doubt yourself to understand idioms. Indeed, the homophonic name is played a very important role for the store, but at the same time propaganda however, are misleading, especially some of the children, therefore, started by the industry and commerce departments concerned, will carry out rectification.

recently, netizens posting said, "woolly headed" 8 year old son appeared 4 typos in a short essay. The children will be reluctant to part the "in" written "clothes", but that is not wrong, said the child, near their clothing store name is written so. Colleague a child too, "passionately devoted" written in a "love", colleagues said his son was seen after an Internet cafe name wrote. Looking at the children make such low-level mistakes, as parents are angry and helpless!

4 month 10 days, the reporter interviewed a few household name shops do homophonic idioms. "Good days thorn muscle" tattoo artist Zhou Hao said, their name can give people a visual effect, let people see at a glance the tattoo shop class. Zhou Hao said, "a lot of customers into the store, said the name was a good, creative, memorable."

When a reporter asked about the name of this

will not affect the beginner students Chinese characters, Zhou Hao reluctantly said: "if mislead children, I can not deny. But I would like to say that our shop is set up for adults, if there are children in doubt, parents should give positive guidance."

later, the reporter interviewed "pattern deeply" "love" and other shops. The store said, mainly to the advertising effect.

in addition to homophonic idioms signs advertising, television commercials and homophonic words are many, such as: a soda advertising slogan "the fruits of steam", "stomach stomach medicine advertisement, how are you?" A woman’s advertising slogan, "Women ‘month’ when ‘month’ comfortable" and so on.

reporter linked to the Xinjiang University Of Finance and Economics School of Journalism and media advertising teacher Guo Xiaoqin. Guo Xiaoqin said that at present, the idiom homophonic advertising, name though not particularly popular, but also gradually appear in the high streets and back lanes. "From the advertising point of view, some homophonic advertising more creative, can attract people’s attention, it can achieve a good advertising effect. However, there are also some less civilized advertising, such as "non homophonic name hair smuggling" senior hospital ", will feel uncomfortable. Especially for primary and secondary school students, will cause some misleading."

Li Jitong people think, homophonic advertisements do students use idioms to mislead, he said, "against the abuse of homophonic words is out of the protection of minors."

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