Nostalgia era has come to open the home 24 hours nostalgia Restaurant

is like the popular elements of the clothing market in general, people in the pursuit of fashion, at the same time, it was found that the clothes had been eliminated has become a popular element. In today’s era, has become the era of nostalgia, so to open a 24 hour nostalgia restaurant, really is a very good choice!

The modern city

24 hour nostalgic restaurant’s address should be in residential areas or along the road, the initial investment 60 thousand yuan. 24 hours of nostalgia restaurant in the investment highlights two points, the first point, the time is long, 24 hours a day, customers can enjoy the service at any time.

to collect some antique market reflect the customs of the old black and white photos, old city street map, old player, music, clock, the old straw hat, old bag, porcelain, badges and so on the cultural revolution, the decoration in the dining room, the unique character of old objects, easily won the customers favor, in addition, the obvious cultural nostalgia look at the language, its catering properties, outstanding personality, very attractive.

"nostalgia" atmosphere to be strong, always put some old songs, to arouse people’s feelings of nostalgia. The waiter’s clothing can change from time to time, such as national costumes, costumes, the youth to the countryside during the cultural revolution, and reflect the customs of Northwest farmers uniform white >