t is not difficult to open a dry cleaners

although many people now want to start a business, but after all, the competition has been very intense in various industries, therefore, want to successfully set up shop in fact, faced with more problems. For this reason, it is difficult to open a laundry is a lot of people who are most concerned about the beginning of the dry cleaning industry. The main problems involved in the laundry can be divided into two aspects: capital and technology.

in accordance with the current status of the development of the dry cleaning industry, self run run a dry cleaners in the total investment of about one hundred thousand yuan. Dry cleaners are not difficult to have a close relationship with the funds. This one hundred thousand yuan is mainly used to buy equipment and some daily expenses. A set of moderate quality dry cleaning equipment about 5-7 million, plus some auxiliary washing equipment and daily expenses, at least one hundred thousand yuan.

if it is self-employed dry cleaners, dry cleaning technology to master the skilled, directly affect the dry cleaners business. According to industry internal cost analysis method, a dry cleaning machine washable one-piece dress cost and more clothes cost is the same, but the income is very big. Therefore, improve the amount of business can directly enhance the level of income of dry cleaners. If the owner cannot skillfully master dry cleaning technology, you need to hire a skilled master to operate, thus increasing the wage expenditure, increase the cost of shop pressure.

in the process of the establishment of dry cleaners, in addition to their own business, they can choose to join the way to reduce the cost of investment. At the same time, the headquarters will provide you with a full range of technical support, guide you to complete the registration process, thus effectively reducing the difficulty of the dry cleaners. Open a dry cleaning shop is not difficult to determine by way of shop. So for the first time into the dry cleaning industry investors, joining the dry cleaners is a good choice, can effectively reduce the difficulty of the dry cleaners.

so, if you want to venture capital, in fact, the opening of the dry cleaners will be a very good choice, the market is broad, attractive prospects, profit margins are very rich. If you worry about their own operations are not good, choose a good brand to join the investment is also a good practice.