How to save electricity

Internet cafes want to operate normally, electricity is a very important factor in nature, however, Internet cafes can actually save electricity. In short, the Internet profit is an indisputable fact, how to obtain greater profits may be the most concern for each Internet cafe owners in the era of meager profit, many owners and therefore the cost saving as a priority to treat. Electricity charges are relatively large part of the Internet cafe, the reporter found in the survey, some illegal black Internet cafes actually rely on electricity to maintain profit margins.

this year, the Internet cafes are not doing it in the process of the reporter’s interview, many Internet operators have told reporters a similar discourse. Indeed, with rising prices and increased competition, Internet cafes are increasingly difficult to operate. Among them, the high cost is the main reason for the bad Internet cafes. In the huge cost of Internet cafes, rent and electricity is undoubtedly the most important. To Internet business, be sure to choose a good location, good location and the rent is not cheap, plus these years the domestic price soared to save costs almost impossible on rent. Another important cost of electricity, is the need to be very careful in reckoning.

, the Internet electricity can account for more than 1/3 of the overall cost, some Internet cafes daily electricity are 4 digits, if can be in such a large cost savings in a part of the Internet business will be greatly improved. For many individual users, the computer does not seem to be a matter of charge, a little electricity who can not afford to pay it?. But for some Internet cafes have hundreds of computers, electricity is a headache for the boss. If the electricity is not the Internet to calculate, not to make such computer work, so light is lower profits, will lose money! This is the reporter visited several Internet cafes after the conclusion.

accounting for Internet cafes savings account

if a computer for the number of 150 Internet cafes, 24 hours a year to boot, flashing lights, fan roar, then the results will be like? "Earn a few money is not enough to pay the electricity bill!" Located next to the Communication University of China, a small cafe owner half jokingly told reporters, I have more than 1 thousand of the day’s electricity bill, a month is tens of thousands of." His cafe is not a lot of business with a small capital, machinery, 180.

configuration is not very high, CPU is only P4 3.0GHz, 1GB memory, 80GB hard drive, GeForce 6600 graphics cards are equipped with a nominal power 300W power supply. This kind of computer consumes about 200 watts of power, and sometimes it consumes more power when it comes to running large games and software. Let’s make an account for the Internet cafe. In order to estimate the power consumption of 200W, the power consumption per hour per computer is 0.2kWh, which is about 0.2 degrees.