The beauty of the sun a pizza beauty to your delicacy

we all know tofu that said, this is one way we Chinese praise beauty, so if a praise food for beauty, you are not very curious, what is unique to this food. Xiaobian take you to take a look at the beauty of delicacy.

beauty is different from traditional pizza pizza in the market, the old wood burning oven baked, and has improved and become the unique characteristics of Chinese delicacy. Headquarters has experienced 2 years of market research, so that the exclusive process has the right to speak! The beauty of sun in addition to focus on more pizza, steak, pasta, including soup, salad, dessert, snacks and so on 27 big delicacy series, rich in more than a single product, with the exclusive secret sauce, let consumers enjoy the delicious taste and better health!

Shi sun pizza join advantage:

invested 30 thousand to shop, 5 square meters can be started, one person operation, store and output, high input


authentic American taste, with a burning oven baked pizza, a unique market. Do not rely on the chef, taste unity. Headquarters experience mature, 360 degree dead comprehensive support, 3 years management experience Western-style food, the country thousands of successful cases, escort for you!

removal of high decoration, service costs, and then through the integration of pizza raw materials, reduce costs, to ensure the daily sales and profits! No differences between the north and the south, both near the school, around the super residential area surrounding, pedestrian street, around the studios, open a fire!